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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 28 October 2012

7.7 Earthquake in Haida Gwaii British Columbia

Haida Gwaii - Lands of the people fight for conservation.

News reports of an earthquake 7.7 in British Columbia is another reminder of the sign of the times. As many Jewish people know 7.7 relates to the Seven Noachide Laws - Number 7 meaning to establish the Court of Justice. This is God's Law and Real Justice.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the powerful earthquake hit the Queen Charlotte Islands, known as Haida Gwaii just after 8 p.m. local time Saturday. The earthquake was felt on the mainland in Prince Rupert and across a wide area in British Columbia; including the Pacific islands and on the mainland.

Haida Gwaii, comprise of about 150 islands located north of Canada’s Vancouver Island. Their total population is about 5,000. The Haida people make up about 45 percent of the total population. This is a clear shake up message for people globally.

The British associations are clear to see in the name. With columbia we are reminded of Lady Columbia who is featured in Columbia Pictures. Note she is standing on a pyramid, wearing blue and white, holding a lamp light towards the heavens. Lady Columbia symbolises who God has chosen to represent Him. Lady Columbia shines the truth to people.

According to the news report about the earthquake there is more that we can understand. Always what is relevant to know will come to light in some way.

With references of Royals, Queen and Prince are given their wake up call.

There have been vital questions about tankers amid debate on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Justified concerns about oil spills and our environment have been brought to the people's attention with the media. Read more in article below.

Tsunami warnings have been issued for Alaska and Hawaii. What immediately springs to mind is HAARP located in Alaska. Also Hawaii is where President Obama was born. There have been concerns about the dangers of HAARP and the officials surely know this. Our earth is a living body and reacts. What is HAARP doing today in relation to damage our earth? Officials know the truth and the Presendent has permission to halt this.

Hawaii escaped unharmed after a tsunami alert forced over 100,000 people to flee to higher ground overnight.

Vancouver report: 'Canada may be called onto the carpet this week as nations gather in the United Kingdom to negotiate the terms of an international treaty to regulate the controversial practice of geoengineering.'

An incident that took place off Haida Gwaii is up for negotiation at the meeting next week in London for the London Convention and Protocol, which bans dumping toxins at sea. TAKE NOTE, there is to be complete ban of dumping toxins in the sea.

Fish have been given for food for the people and yet the fish are being killed by what is happening - the consequences of what is happening. If people are aware of the toxins they are consuming, do you honestly think they will approve of this?

'Haida Gwaii' means 'islands of the people', while 'Haida' on its own means not only 'us' but also 'people'. Not sure how many people noticed something about America. At one time in correspondence or referencing in abbreviation - we would use U.S.A. Now people commonly use 'US'. To me, I have always thought this to mean US = 'The People'.

The Islands still use the older name 'Xaadala Gwayee'. Alternative orthography, 'Xhaaidlagha Gwaayaai', meaning 'islands on the Boundary of the world'.

With names there is always an examine even closer to menaing. 'Xhaaydla' (worlds) refers here to the sea and sky. The Queen Charlotte Islands used by American traders, considered the islands part of the US-claimed Oregon Country, as Washington's Isles.

When we consider that Washington DC is the location of the 'White House' - again keep with name meanings - white meaning very light, house means residence.

With the island hitting the boundary, this is giving a message to the British establsihment and also to The White House Washington DC to take notice of.

When the focus is on profit, the focus is not on taking care of our world and the people. This is timely to bring a reminder to understand the Spiritual Laws.

The largest earthquake in Canada since 1700 was an 8.1 magnitude quake on August 22, 1949. According to the Candadian government Natural Resources webiste, this was recorded to be on the Queen Charlotte Fault - Canada's equivalent of the San Andreas Fault.

In 1948 the Summer Olympic Games were held in London XIV Olympiad.
The United States presidential election of 1948 was the greatest election upset in American history - link posted below.
January 4 – Burma gains its independence from the United Kingdom. In a previous article after given my Crowned Buddah gift as a validation sign, in looking for the association I discovered that the Queen's have worn Diadems with Rubies from Burma, given as a gift. The Ruby is symbolic of healing energy and healing illness.
In 1948 the World Health Organization is established by the United Nations. Not coincidence because everything is connected in one way or another.
The National Health Service Acts are enacted in United Kingdom.
The ship Empire Windrush brings a large group of Afro-Caribbean immigrants to Tilbury near London, starting a wave of immigration to Britain. Tony Blair has formed a LLP named Windrush - I wonder if it is to profit from immigration?
On November 14, 1948 Prince Charles was born.

With references to Queen Charlotte and today Queen Elisabeth II holds the Orb, she took her oath in front of witnesses and televised to the world, to be Queen of the world. The divine plan is to restore God's Order in this earth, with Christ as King and Head of His Church. Did God choose Charles or William to represent him? No he did not.

There is much speculation about who will be the next Queen. The media have been promoting Kate Middleton! William and Kate have been 'given' titles that relate to ruling Scotland. In their trip to Canada, they reportedly did not visit British Columbia. Clear signs have shown that the establishment is having a clean out with the floods.

The floods were not man made - floods are a consequence of something. These earthquakes are as a consequence of descisions to do with the changes on the land. There are officials who speak of the Law of Nature and have said even in England in relation to the Loaw of Nature and Justice. The Law of Nature is cleaning out the establishment.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Black Canoe, sculpture by Bill Reid in bronze, outside the Canadian Embassy in Washington. A second casting, Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Jade Canoe is dispayed at Vancouver International Airport. The plaster cast is at the Canadian Museum of Civilizations in Ottawa - a reminder of Three Holy Spirits.

The Paleo-Indian Clovis, Plano and Pre-Dorset cultures pre-date current indigenous peoples of the Americas. The Métis are one of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada and America who trace their descent to mixed First Nations and European heritage. There is a spiritual unity between people of family lines and this how humanity is united.

Monument to aboriginal war veterans in Confederation Park, Ottawa, Canada.

More validation shines a light. 'The Government of Canada exerted its power over the people living in Rupert's Land after its acquisition in the mid-19th century from the Hudson's Bay Company. The Métis and the Anglo-Métis (commonly known as Countryborn, children of First Nations women and Orcadian, Scottish or English men),joined forces to stand up for their rights and to protect their age-old way of life against an aggressive and distant Anglo-Saxon government and its local colonizing agents. During this time the Canadian government signed treaties (known as the "Numbered Treaties") with various First Nations (but not Métis), which turned over rights to almost the entire western plains to the Government of Canada. In return for signing over their lands, the Canadian government promised food, education, medical help, and other kinds of support.'

Prince Rupert was identified by this earthquake. Rupert's Land is showing the location of York Factory - naming it after the Duke of York. Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II's son has a given title Duke of York. Not a coincidence to a timely exposure.

There are people speaking about the British Royals and their right to rule. No this family are not born to rule over nations of people. They were not appointed by God either. However, Queen Elizabeth II was chosen in the divine plan to be the stepping stone to the next Queen. The Queen, her family and all officials have no athority over God. What is has needed is for people to wake up and realise what is happening.

Both sides of a commemorative coin, Indian Chiefs Medal, presented to commemorate Treaty Numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of Queen Victoria.

One of the titles held by Queen Elisabeth II is Queen of Canada.

In Particular with Queen Elizabeth II being elderly now, she is not going to live forever. She has lived her reign and made her mark in history. She has paved the way for the future Queen - because Christ has not returned Yet, although his presence has been seen on this earth and in Bolton a few times. This location identifes a guided one.

More insights about British Columbia and the earthquake

The boundary between the Pacific and North American plates run underwater along the west coast of the Haida Gwaii. The Queen of the Seas unites all lands above and below the ocean. Salford, Manchester has also been identified in the Divine Plan (where I studied and also lived for a while) Salford means Sea Lord - Queen of the Ocean.

'Urs Thomas, operator of the Golden Spruce hotel in Port Clements said there was no warning before everything began moving inside and outside the hotel.'

The Book of St. Thomas identifies the God's Government. Ur is a reminder of early civilisation and the fertile crescent. The Cresent moon is associated with the divinely inspired Goddess. Bells of St. Clements - The Bells are ringing. There was a huge bell that was especially made for the XXX 2012 London Olympic Games

Golden Spruce hotel is a reminder to prepare for the Golden age.

Everything begining to move inside and out. This earthwake is showing the signs of the times for big changes in high places to restore God's Order in the world. This means that every official from the very top to the helper in an official role is a servant of God and to value their role of responsibility. Finsih the mind games of manipulating.

This article, as others, report with observation, spiritual insight and what is relevant to know. There comes a time when every official must consider their role of responsibility and realise they have chosen to serve the people. If they do not want to do the job, there are surely many other people who are dedicated to do so, with sincere heart.

To the people in the world - the message is to unite in peace now!

God's Government is relating to the Whole World and so this is where the New World Order come from. Lady Columbia is shown to be illuminating the World. She does so in different ways.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria,_1948