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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Goreme - Heart of Cappadocia, Central Anatolia

Today while looking for something, I was guided to discover this spectacular part of our world - a monument of ancient history.

Surprisingly, there are people who are unable to comprehend that people lived in ancient times, who were advanced in their thinking and realise a higher consciousness. Instead the modern idea is take from the old, repackage it in some commercial way and people glorify the people who are presenting this.

For this reason, ancient wisdom is brought back into perspective and give people the opportunity to embrace the positives and appreciate history, in context for all the positives that it has to offer, with humanity to progress.

Located in the heart of Cappaddocia in Central Anatolia, is Goreme National Park. The landscape provides the evidence of cave dwellings and Byzantine churches that reflect the time and faith of the people. The area was secluded and so this has shown to be a place where people could hide from the battles that took place. Today the land is evolving with new form; yet keeps history alive.

People of faith are peaceful people, who do not seek to make war with anyone. In the Orthodox spirituality way of life, we strive for peace within. To live in conflict, internally or externally, detracts from peace. For this reason the monastic life is a choice for many people who take their faith and spiritual journey very seriously. Whether this is taught, a choice; or self-realisation is unknown.

We are given the impression of the evolution of man, however not everyone considers the evolution of earth we are living on. When we can see rock formations eroding to reform and shape into how nature intends, we see that what was before still remains and what is important cannot be changed. There are lessons with this.

Gamsaru Cave Hotel – Ayvla Village, Cappadocia, Turkey.

Considering Christ was born over 2000 years ago, attempts to remove his name from history did not work. The battles for supremacy and conquesting land, makes the conquesters look rather pathetic when they do not have the power of the universe in their hands. Man is not born with divine right to rule people. Man can never own the land because in truth, it is not for sale.

We are caretakers of the world we are living in. That is all.

Cappadocia, the Heart of Byzantium - The cradle of Christianity.

Goreme is described as having one of the most magical landscapes in all of Turkey. What becomes the spiritual mystery experienced, is when we are in a location and our heart and soul is moved by what we see and understand.

In a time when there has been the pillaging from early Christianity - what could never be taken is the spiritual essense. While people are not aware that people were spiritually enlightened and developed a personal communication with God - the prayer book and Holy Scriptures are the evidence of this time.

The origins of faith is knowing and trusting a far higher power beyond human manipulation. A religion is doctrine (teaching). When we experience the guiding force of the universe an call upon God for help, where precisely our call has been heard and answered, we learn to rely on this. When man fails people, he loses his authority to be ruling over anyone. This applies even today.

Once Christ ressurected, back in time and since, we begin to understand why this is God's Kingdom and why God's Order must be restored on this earth. How many times man has been told he does not rule the world in history is unknown.

The simplicity of life can be explained by experience and what we see. We complicate life by putting our own interpretation of established understanding. Spirituality is very simple. Wisdom is pure and unadulterated. The word unadulterated brings to mind not being tampered with or altered by adults.

Another video from Cappadocia and the spectaculor landscape. Not everyone will get the opportunity to travel and see for theiselves and so we have Youtube that allows us to have some visual experience of this location.

“Christianity flourished here during the Roman and Byzantine period, but this rich history was all but forgotten until a French priest rediscovered the rock-hewn churches in 1907,” - The French connection arising again.

In being born from a Greek mother I have a spiritual connection to Greece and ancient Greece. Being Greek is not about being superior, however, God chose women from Greek origin in the divine plan. The tests, trials and challenges we face to grow as people - few could endure. While not being physically strong, I know the obligations of Oathtakers, especially the Queen.

No one can be denied the heritage of their motherland. Through my mother, I have inherited the heritage of her mother and also her grandmother. This is why the MtDNA is important to understand to learn about our spiritual roots.

Cappadocia Hotel cave restort spa village is seen here. While in history, the land known today as Turkey has known bloodshed - it is cultivating the interest in the ancient healing therapies and these have been shared with people over many thousands of years. This knowlege should be universally available.

Today what was ancient Greece is now Turkey. Is Turkey land seen to belong to people because I am not sure about this? Are the values of ancient Christianity upheld there - because I am unsure about this too? If not, why not?

The people who have lived in Anatolia, Asia Minor, today are scattered around the world. What keeps people connected to their roots is not the physical location, it is our spiritual understanding that we retain from our mother. The bond between a mother and child is strong. This one of life's mysteries.

We must look beyond labels of nationality and realise this world has been given so humanity can live and thrive. Not belonging to one nationality. My parents are cosmopolitan and in the divine plan, I inherited this to protect me from 'small minded man and his rules to keep people conforming'. Being a sovereign citizen of the world applies and I am a child of the universe. Are you?

Our limited thinking gets in the way of understanding what is our entitlement to know. People have forgotten their divine rights and even ignore everyone's human rights. Our time might be for 80 or 100 years of life, geologically this planet we have lived on has existed for countless millions of years.

Combining the ancient rock formation with modern cave suites.

Cappadocia’s present day stunning scenery has been said to be created about 30 million years ago, when massive volcanic eruptions left Central Turkey flowing in lava and buried in ash. The erosion of lava left behind a labyrinth of valleys and created isolated stone pinnacles topped by caps of harder rock. These have since been carved out by human hands to become dwellings and churches.

The famed 'fairy chimneys' are why locals believed these were once inhabited by fairies. In an inspired project, fairys and angels are connected. People who are divinely inspired are listening to heavenly messengers.

The area is known as 'Love Valley' by the people.

With the meaning Turkey - we can separate this to be Tur and Key. In the Quran 'Tur' means Mountain. Key is what opens the door. If we consider the ancient Greeks were given God's Wisdom - Sophia Wisdom this certainly applies. Mount Olympus is God's Mountain. Mount Athos is a Holy Mountain. Mount Zion is a Holy Mountain. Mount Ararat is Holy Mountain.

This is a reminder of the Spiritual Key Holder of God's Mountain.

With Tur also means Urus - One astrologial sign is Taurus the Bull.

Lamborghini Urus has been unveiled in the Beijing Auto Show. It is named after the ancestor of modern bulls in Spain. The Urus is the lightest vehicle in its class, with the lowest CO2 emissions. Lamborghini says annual production of the Urus will be around 3,000 vehicles and should be on the street by 2015.

There is more to this that will come to light in another article.

What came to mind with 'Urus' was Ur, the cradle of civilisation and the fertile crescent. Some time back I wrote about Queen Puabi, who in her time was Given 'The Law' for people to live by. Through thousands of years, people are being reminded that man does not rule this earth. God does and I know how very specific He is in bringing the truth to people in so many different ways.

Modern times by atsjebosma

Our world has so many spectaculor places and evidence of important aspects of history that connect together to bring a tapestry of understanding of the bigger picture of life and the universe itself. So many places to travel to and yet the adventure to learn and appreciate our world, for most people, is through Google Earth and the internet. We can still learn in this way.

Compare the grand buildings of history, to churches and homes built in the rocks. On the outside they might appear to be primitive and yet internally they are exquisitley beautiful and full of soul. If we are to spend our much time keeping up appearances and wearing false fronts, we are not cultivating our inner self. What is most important; yet often neglected, is our heart and soul.

It is in listening to our soul that we are spiritually guided.

Ariarathes V Eusebes of Cappadocia - Athena Drachma seen here holding Nike. Notice how Athena is ever connected to Greece, even to this day. With my mother originating from Athens Greece, she was not only very well known and respected, she carried the name of the Greek Goddess Athena in her name and being. A Greek relative said to me there is no other person who can stand in her light. If laws had not been changed and lands conquested, she could have been a Righteous Queen.

Before starting to write this article 'Four Pyramids' came into my mind, very clearly and for a reason. This landscape came to my mind to share too and again we are given proof that what comes to light is timely and relevant for understanding. Nothing is coincidence. Everything is connected. Truth is revealed.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria