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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ooo La La Lamborghini Urus - The X Factor Car

One of the most powerful commercials with all the elements!

Recently I discovered the commercial for the new Lamborghini Urus from researching the meaning of the name Turkey - split as Tur Key. By dividing the name Turkey into two has revealed more information that is relevant to know.

2012 is a big year for driving the future forward. With cars, style, performance and and road handling are very important. If a car is going to go the distance, it needs to be versatile and capabable for the task ahead.

Notice the Lambourghini logo of the Gold bull. The bull is not just representational of Taurus the Bull, it reminds me of Spain, where family come from. Bull fighting is not my interest and blood sports do not appeal either.

In my previous article the Taurus Mountains came to light - just from doing a little background research on the movie 007 Skyfall. So here is the validation again given and to illustrate that it has been quite a battle taking place, where women have been kept down. We are reminded of the Woman of Valour. Few women realise who strong they really are or the important role they hold in this world.

With mountins I am reminded of the expression 'with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains' - life certainly has not been easy for me, however, if I look back on all the difficult times, faith got me through this. Prayer and faith is the reason I am alive today - this is not an exaggeration.

Gold bull connects with gold bullion. A gold bull anticipates the price of gold increasing. In a dollar 'bear' market, investors anticipate decline in the dollar's value, so funds from the dollar are transferred to gold. The dollar bear raises the price of gold, which alludes to the presence of a gold bull. A true gold bull will persist through a bearish dollar market - Intereseting.

In the video above, we get the impression of a burning man.

It is no coincidence that in USA 'Burning Man' festival took place between August 27th and September 3rd. The time when the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games were held in London, England. On the medals we see Goddess Nike and the Acropolis to show that he is originated from Greece and is connected to Athena. In the cycle of change that is now prevailing in this world, women as well as men are being empowered to realise higher consciousness and their personal potential.

The Burning Man festival is held once a year in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Tens of thousands of people gather to create what is known as Black Rock City, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. When the festival is over, the people depart leaving no trace whatsoever.

Burning Man is an expanding culture based on Ten Principles.

Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification. Radical Self-reliance, Radical Self-expression, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leaving No Trace, Participation and Immediacy - Details in the link below.

People are reminded to return to spiritual values and divine laws.

Man made laws are in conflict with spiritual laws.

Man made rules do not work for women. There are many men who do not want to live with man made rules either. We are generations of children and adults who have grown up learning from our parents and grandparents influence. Generations of conforming and doing what is expected. To speak when spoken to and for children to remain silent. Conformity to rigid rules can stifle a child and also adults in their development, personal growth and creative expression.

We are living in a time of tremendous creative expression now!

If we consider commercials - an absolute fortune goes into the creative process to promote the product. In this instance we are not being shown a car - we are being shown the power of the universe at work and much more. As people spiritually awaken they are seeing beyond the sell and seeking more understanding.

Urus is described as 'the wild ancestor of today's fighting bull - fast, strong, courageous. In one word 'invincible'. It is unmistakable, recognisable as a real Lamborghini and this is key for it's success.' The Lamborghini Urus is a concept car - the ultimate super athlete. Lamborghini brand is marketed as being uncompromising, extreme and Italian.

With all the talk of the Goddess and the X factor, could we be shown something here that is relevant to understand? The lady in red comes to mind with the car colour and a woman who is uncompromising, extreme and Italian. I have been known for being very sensitive and deeply caring - also being quite a Deva with a latin temperament. Today, learning to communicate clearly, is something we can all do. If we are a car, we need to be able to maximise our energy output to perform and go the distance. In a time when reaching personal potentials is encouraged, the understanding of how our physical body and work together is not known globally.

When people are open to accept Goddess Wisdom, they will begin to understand her influence to be nurturing and loving also empowering too. Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, inspiration, art and creativity. Athena encourages success and achievement too. In my experience with my Greek mother Athena, she encouraged success. She encouraged people to travel and see the world. She encouraged her husband to be successful in business and encouraged her children too. She inspired many people during her lifetime and was my inspirational teacher.

Minerva is also a name associated with Athena. The knowledge of assisting healing and empowering people to realise their potential is given.

Seal - It's a Man's World invites careful listening.

Many mothers are training their children to fail in life and even prevent their man succeeding. There are men who are scared of saying or doing anything, in case they get nagged by their wife. There are men who want to travel and follow their inner calling - they might have an idea or a particular skill that will serve them well in personal fulfillment and financial benefit too. Men who never get past the starting line is often because a woman has keep them from succeeding. Fear of success is an illness that can also manifest as fear of trying too.

With cars, we often hear men refer to as 'She' and even love their cars as if women. The reason why men love their cars is because they are at the wheel to drive them and decide how fast they want to go. Men have energy and focus in their mind on reaching their destinations - Women can learn from this to.

The Queen ships have been born to navigate the seas.

The Hebrew Goddess is known as Lady of the Seas. When a woman is named as a Goddess it is not because of her physical beauty, it is because of her spiritual wholeness and attaining onenes within and being guided by God.

Lady in Red by Lisa Iris

Quoting an intersting website I have seen before.

"Asherah, the Shekinah, consort and beloved of Yahweh. God-the-Mother. Her sacred pillars or poles once stood right beside Yahweh's altar, embracing it. Moses and Aaron both carried one of these Asherah "poles" as a sacred staff of power. The Children of Israel were once dramatically healed simply by gazing at the staff with serpents suspended from it. This symbol, the snakes and the staff, has become the modern universal symbol for doctors and healers.* Asherah was also widely known in the Middle Eastern ancient world as a Goddess of Healing.

Then She was removed forcibly from the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures around 400 or 500 B.C. Her priestesses & priests, known by the headbands they wore, worshiped on hill-tops, such as Zion, Mount of Olives, Har Megiddo and countless others. Daughter of Zion, a term found numerous times in the Old Testament, was perhaps a term for a priestess of Asherah. It later came to mean the "City of God," or Jerusalem herself. As the "official" state worship became increasingly male oriented, and the establishment became hostile toward all forms of Asherah worship, a time of conflict and bloodshed lasting over a hundred years began. Those that still clung to Her worship paid the price with their lives at the hands of King Josiah and other rabid Yahwists. (Story in the 2nd Kings ) But She could not be torn from the hearts and souls of Her people. "

Women have been downtrodden for such a long time in many cultures - there is now a global movement to empower women. It would be productive for men to get involved in this too. Men are valuable in teaching men to respect women.

Women might never understand a man's process and yet men are not that complicated. Now if man and woman can develop a lifetime relationship, as when a man loves and takes care of his car - the vehicle and diver can work together to reach a chosen destination. It is unknown how many men seek the spiritual guidance of the goddess although men have been encouraged to seek Wisdom.

Philosophy is one of the most popular subjects in study choice.

Regeneration painted by Jonathon Earl Bowser

Love this image of the Lady in Red. Sharing a final thought. When a man loves a woman he feels love deeply. When his heart and soul are moved, he never forgets. When he is allowed to be, he can be his most vulnerable and in this vulnerable realise his true stregngth. Not every man wants to go out in the world and put on a false front. The Qualities of being a gentleman relate to being refined and rising above an animal mentality. This is a choice.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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