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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Homeless - The Situation and How to Help

"We are all one life event from being homeless" - So true!

Everyone has a story to tell. Every homeless person is a human being. For most of my 52 years, I have been aware there are people dying of famine overseas and homeless people living on the streets, even in England. The attitudes about homeless people have not been ignored. Some are actually quite disgusting.

The amount of people homeless now is growing internationally. The reason why anyone is homeless can only be discovered by talking with people and listening to their story. The lesson in turning a blind eye to what is happening overseas in war torn nations, is manfesting everywhere. Are you still blind?

One woman, a teacher in the US was very cold and heartless about the situation of homeless people, that I have concern on the influence she is having on her pupils at the school she teaches. Homeless people are vulnerable. Many have mental health problems. Many have been in the most horrendous life situations before living on the streets. There have been people who have gone down the wrong path in life - perhaps if they had the right supportive guidance in their life, they might have made different choices. Teachers hold a vitally important role in this.

Anyone could become homeless at any time. With mortgage foreclosures, not everyone has somewhere else to go. The reason people are unable to pay their mortage could be from loss of job, ill health and even medical bills.

There are trained professionals and people who have graduate degrees living homeless on the street. When anyone is dependant on someone else to provide their income, if the employer does not have customers for an income, or a product to sell, how can they pay wages? Life can strike a blow to anyone at any time.

Being made unemployed or redundant is not a crime.

There are people who have been kicked out of an abusive home and also those who have ran away from abusive circumstances. There are people who choose to live a life free of pressurs of keeping up with paying bills and there are also people who feel much safer away from dangerous circumstances. Runaway children are homeless. These situations are not easy to ignore.

A growing amount of people are reviewing their life priorities now. People with a caring nature are naturally inclined to care about others. Even people who are homeless are reviewing their priorities too. Not everyone can cope with living under stress and pressure. Where a problem has been created, solutions can be found too. Where there is a need, we can address this too.

America is big on Pay it Forward - recognising that one action of kindness can be the start of many more. When anyone helps the most vulnerable of people, these people do not forget. There are people who have been raised in very poor homes, who made a success in their life, beyond expectations and want to give back.

The inspirational teachers are not in the schools. Our teachers might be strangers. My mother became paralysed from the neck downwards after a car crash. She was my inspiration for courage. The paralympic games inspired courage and determination. People are pushing past the barriers of limitation. At one time, paralysed people were seen as if their life was over. When people lose their limbs, everything changes in life. It is not always possible to see the light ahead.

There is always someone else in a worse off position as a reminder of how fortunate we really are. This can be a psychological springboard to building self-esteem and starting over again.

The people who reach out and care about the vulnerable, often have no idea of the impact they are making in someone's life. Just giving your time to someone who is homeless and being a friend - you have given a lifeline of hope and a reminder to people there is always someone who cares. Not everyone does.

The calling to make a positive difference comes from within. With so many people collecting money for charity - not everyone is seeing where this money is going. Not all charities are credible. Not all money goes to the source. So if you feel your calling is to help the homeless, there are different ways to help.

It is human nature to care about people and also to help someone in need. It is human nature to stop and help someone elderly if they are struggling. It is human nature to stop and check if someone is OK, if they fall and to help them stand up again. It is human nature to feel and to cry too.

One family help 30 homeless people with food and blankets.

Giving secretly to feed 50 homeless people.

This gentleman gave up his work, to cook and feed thousands of people. The recognition of caring about people is witnessed here.

One person can get a whole family involved. Every act of kindness is changing someone's life. One family feeding 50 people is the reminder of the million lights being lit from one candle.

Finally, foodstores, could give surplus last date and 'damaged' goods to distribution organisations for the homeless instead of throwing it away in dumpsters as waste. From what is happening in the world we are ALL called to learn the lesson - including shopkeepers, CEO's and management of the big superstores.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria