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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

UK XFactor Rylan Clark - Not Just an Entertainer

Rylan will admit he is not the best singer in the world - but it seems this year, he is the one that has a lot of people talking...Drama has been stirred up again. Let's face it, if there was no drama, no contraversy, no tears and no judges stropping off - Xfactor would not be entertainment. Many people tune in for the drama. The reason being because many people can relate to drama in their lives.

Not watching Xfactor auditions or the show this year, I have missed out on what is happening. The Daily Mail and other papers report to add to the fan base, plus the images allow us to get a glimpse of what else is relevant.

This image caught my attention published a couple of days after speaking to an Asian man sporting a Nike top. We got onto the Olympics and paralympics. It is suprising that people in Bolton are not aware that the Olympic stadium support and Orbital tower were made here. The Olympic mascots were inspired and made here too. In Lostock, Bolton next to Reeboc stadium stands a sculpture 'Spirit of Sport'.

Nike is the Olympic Spirit - The Goddess of Victory. Nike is on the Olympic Medals - Notice the athletes kiss the medal. Notice the atheles look up to the heavens and ask for help and strength and endurance. Notice the athletes thanking their heavenly helpers, whether this be a mum or dad who has passed away, Christ, the Holy Mother or God Almighty. Nike promotes people striving beyond and realising their spiritual potential. Above all, Nike represents global peace and harmony.

Rylan is wearing a pale blue and white One Piece outfit and might be listening to music through the earpiece. This is a reminder to listen to the words of the music because they carry a message to understand. Notice Rylan has his right hand raised on his head. He has got rid of the blond hair and is dark which suits him so much more. One Piece is a reminder of Oneness and Spiritual Wholeness. The Other day a lady brought me a gift of a Buddha wearing a crown. The right hand is supporting the head. Locate my article to read relevant insights to this.

Notice in the background we see written on a blue 'something' BOOM. Boom has several meanings including to make something louder. Boom can also relate to explosion. The car even though static has a reflection in the window with a no entry sign. At the bottom of the vehicle it is lit up. Perhaps this is a message to say not to go backwards. Blue is certainly a colour that suits Rylan with his eyes. Blue can also mean sadness and most people have known sadness too.

There is an explosion of information globally about the Goddess, Divine Feminine, Sophia, Athena and the message is all about empowering the people.

The colour Wedgewood blue came to mind recently after a dream. Actually a few weeks ago I had two dreams where a blue colour was revealed. One was with the Queen holding pale blue colour piece of material like a mask in front of her face, when asked what does she do when she wants to go out. The chair I was sitting on had the same blue material so we are connected in some way. The other dream, the blue colour carpet was in in a large old home that is connected to, although there is no blue carpet here. The colour was being shown to be symbolic. With a little research I discovered that Wedgewood connects with Goddess Minerva.

The Wedgewood Museum features a sculpture of Britannia Triumphant (1798)'The symbol of Britannia itself dates back to Roman times but when the Romans left in AD410 it was not seen again until James VI of Scotland became James I of England, uniting the British Isles under a single monarch. However it was not until the Act of Union in 1707 that it became a universal symbol of Great Britain.'

Rylan performed Spandau Ballet's song Gold. Notice he is sitting on a throne and looking upwards. The ruler of this world is God Almighty. The Queen carries an orb and sceptre meaning she holds the role of ruling the world. Who is to take her place? In the video below you will see again the Egyptian theme and pyramids also a throne. We are reminded from this of the Sphynx too.

The lyrics of the song Gold in edited version sang by Rylan
"Thank you for coming home
Sorry that the chairs are all worn
I left them here I could have sworn
These are my salad days Slowly being eaten away
Just another play for today
Oh, but I'm proud of you
I'm proud of you
love is like a high prison wall
you could leave me standing so tall

Gold (Gold) Always believe in your soul
You've got the power to know You're indestructible,
always believe in, you are Gold
After the rush has gone I hope you find a little more time
Remember we were partners in crime
Now he's in love with you He's in love with you
Love is like a high prison wall But you could leave me standing so tall
Come on XFactor
Gold (Gold) Always believe in your soul You've got the power to know You're indestructible, always believe in,
you are
Gold (Gold) I'm glad that you're bound to return
something I could have learned You're indestructible, always believe in

Judge Louis Walsh said it reminded him of Cleopatra. In this present time, there is a tour in the Far East of the Quest of Enlightenment' that has come from Bolton Museum. In an earlier article I posted an googlemaps image that shows a guardian over Bolton and there definately is...more to come to light. There is also currently an Cleopatra exhibition in California USA.

Rylan said this show is a lot more than Xfactor. Sure is.

Rylan Clark sings Groove Is In The Heart. This performance showcases Rylan who has embarked on a modelling career.

Thinking about what to write about Rylan is partly my delay and not watching the show, I wanted to bring what is relevant to the table. Today looking at the Daily Mail there was media coverage and more photos. Sharing what has caught my eye in relation to what is being revealed here...

These photographs reveal the logo clearly so you can see. Team Day 22. Day relates to light, Pink associates with Love. Team Love and Light number 22. Number 22 is the number of the Spiritual Master Builder Teacher. It is the number of ancient Wisdom. With women holding the spiritual key in ancient times, the Ankh, this is necessary to uplift the human condition.

Notice the dark car in the background. The number plate adds up to 82 = 10, This symbolises a new begining and taking things to another level. New beginings and new cycles or knowldege that is being given to humanity this time.

The Louis Vuitton bag also brings to light relevant insight that connects. A French brand founded in 1854 Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. Capucine is "cowl". French form of an Italian word for a cloak with a deep collar, worn by a certain order of Franciscan monks. The hoods are popular again in clothing - one top Rylan wore during his audition caught my eye posted below. Also the name 'cowl' sounds like Cowell - Simon's surname. So this connects too.

With the silver boots - twinkle toes came to mind.

Rylan is holding a drink - not sure what it is. We can see yellow and this is associated with sunshine. With sunglasses and drinking sunshine, this is revealing energy being given from the sun. If we are to not have enough sun, our body lacks Vitamin D and this contributes to tiredness too. Sun is also uplifting to the spirit and helps to bring inner strength.

There is a time of darkness and a time for light. Rylan is wearing sunglasses and this is the reminder of sunshine days and the sun.

With my first impression in watching Rylan on a youtube video was Katie Price - to discover they are friends and working together. Brandname 'Day 22' is the Brand label of Katie Price and Lamis Khamis.

There are people quick to critisise Rylan for his singing - Xfactor through his part in this show has brought some valuable insight to light in relation to the divine plan and no matter what, he will have a career ahead of him.

Model Rylan auditioned in Dubai - Dubai has made another major landmark with the tallest building in the world - The Burj Khalifa Tower. Khalifa means leader and successor to Muhammad. The lights of the tower show illuminated like a Christmas Tree. This is revealing because whoever is to continue with bringing spiritual wisdom to the world has a connection to the Christ family and unites humanity. There is a divine plan - Global peace is a start!

Notice Nicole Sherzinger and her assistant judge is sitting on chairs that could be seen as thrones. The man is wearing a cap. Nicole is leading, guiding and ultimately the one who will make the decision if Rylan goes through. We are seeing a lady who has already made her success - she is replicating a Queen on a throne as being a leader and decision maker on this matter. Ultimately the Queen is being shown to be intuitively and spiritually guided. She is gathering her choice by what she sees and understand and considering the competition. This explains wisdom.

This is the Golden Age. The era of enlightenment. Nothing is coincidence. Everything is connected. Make no mistake, there are some very serious concerns happening in the world, wars, injustice and human rights abuses. It is time to empower the people and bring an end to all these abuses and injustice - globally.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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