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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 6 September 2013

Asked God Using Bible About William & Harry

This morning and since 21st August with the innocent people who have been killed in Syria, this is on my mind. At the time I was thinking 'these people have had their breath taken away' to give life to somewhere else. With all the catastrophes around 'it is like the Omen movie' scenarios.

Another concern is people who are not appointed by God to be King and Queen; having secret ceremonies overseas and this is likely happening in UK too. The world is watching now.

Today I asked God "What do you think of William and Harry"

In opening the Holy Bible this is exactly The Words:

Of a truth, God will not do wickedly,
and the Almighty will not pervert justice.
Who gave him charge over the earth,
and who laid on him[a] the whole world?
If he should set his heart to it
and gather to himself his spirit and his breath,
all flesh would perish together,
and man would return to dust.

“If you have understanding, hear this;
listen to what I say.
Shall one who hates justice govern?
Will you condemn him who is righteous and mighty,
Job 34:12-17

There is more to the chapter, however these specific words were my answer. So already asking God 'Do you really want William and Kate to be King and Queen' a few weeks ago, I heard clearly 'They are Both defiant'. When asking what he thinks about hearing 'She is nasty'.

Nasty can mean many things. I was shocked to hear this. I might come across as nasty - the difference is I write out of concern of all the illegal wars and injustice. Kate and William are NOT divinely appointed to be monarchs, to take possession of land and rule over people.

In the lines before the scripture above is written:

“Therefore, hear me, you men of understanding:
far be it from God that he should do wickedness,
and from the Almighty that he should do wrong.
For according to the work of a man he will repay him,
and according to his ways he will make it befall him."

Previous articles have shown, a plane crash in Moscow, with the burning of a house owned by Russians on The Bishops Avenue. Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church is on Moscow Road in London. Also a fire took place in an unnamed building, close to this church The Eastern Orthodox Church is guided by the Holy Spirit of God. The Church of England (the people)is governed by the Monarch in the name of God Almighty? Really? In ancient times God chose the monarch. There are laws made and manipulated to disregard His Holy Law, His Choices and His Authority over this land.

The antichrist has been foretold. So has Satan.

Are these three showing their defiance to God in the heavens?

The fact is Kate since was depicted with Wizard wand waving, with William had Harry. International news captured this and broadcasted it on television and through the media.

At one time in England, for sorcery and witchcraft people were burned on the stake. In some countries people have their heads chopped off for sorcery even today. The young royals cannot be saved by Me. The world is watching what is going on and no one is saying anything 'out of fear?'

Kate and William did not see the warnings of the headless figures in the background. They did not see the Lady and Unicorn Tapestry to the side of them watching on either.

Who set this test up - because it was evidently a test, with child actors. Both Kate and William could have declined, instead Kate urged her husband to take the wand and he did. William was positioned facing the Lady and Unicorn Tapestry - the Lion and Unicorn feature on the British Crown Crest. Neither of them seemed to notice the three headless figures in the background.

William, Kate and Harry were given wizard wands as gifts to take home. As it is now, they get their power from the people; not from God. William's Grandmother is The Queen.

Today people are encouraged to get into spell casting, perhaps to mask and protect those climbing to the top by doing the same. This is the people influencing the children today. Also it will be known what is going on behind closed doors. We are all tested. Especially the royal family.

Months ago a young 5 year old went missing in Wales. April Jones was reported with witnesses seen to be getting into a white van. The media even published a white van being stopped. After one of the biggest searches in UK, a man was arrested for her murder and sentenced accordingly. Aprils body was never found. Mark Bridger father worked as a Protection Officer for the Queen.

April seen here, is the image of the little girl, who Jesus Christ has visited many times. She came to my door to tell me. The child was guided by Christ to give me validation.

Here a white van was stopped and searched. The British media also published that Mark Bulger a dark coloured 4 x 4. This happened in Wales of where Charles, the Prince of Wales was crowned and invested with powers and authority by his own mother. Wales in an ancient Kingdom. The law is made to ensure the sons of the Sovereign are born Princes. The ceremonies ensure this is so.

Some time ago Lady Gaga appeared at London Fashion week at the Philip Treacy show. Three outfits came to my attention, the pink reminded me of young April Jones dress.

Remembering the pink flowers on the left hand side of a modern throne style chair in the Hall of Heath Hall - strange how the little detail caught my eye and attention.

Heath Hall is on The Bishops Avenue, with Canon Close running to the side and behind. This house is a reminder of God's Law and authority, with God's Written Law in Holy Scripture. Sacred Magisterium means to Serve and interpret the Word of God. To Speak the Word of God too.

This mansion also has an olive tree planted in the garden! Heath Hall is a name change, shown above was discovered through the Daily Mail advertising. The situation of this house provided understanding that there was at the time a whole lot more happening in England.

A Hall is the chief room in a castle or manor house. The magistrate's court was held in the hall of his mansion. William and Kate were gifted Amner Hall by the Queen.

Dieu et mon droit is the motto of the British Monarch in England. Dier et mon droit means God and my right. There are people who believe they are God and reject the highest authority.

The Queen has given a property relating to the law court, from her Private Sandringham Estate. Of course the British establishment also know the Queen of England is given possession of the Kohinoor Diamond 'to ensure' God's Authority on this earth. As God does not rule in one country and not another and so are all these wars for this family to rule and possess lands?

Just found 'Magistrate Court - Hall County, Georgia' - the back up plan. Smyrna is also in Georgia and Delaware, USA. New Smyrna beach in Florida, with New Smyrna in Athens Greece. Are wizard wand wavers Kate Middleton, William or Harry - the embodiment of the Law, The Law of God?

Behind William and Kate there is an Archbishop wearing his mitre, wearing red behind the couple. The Ecumenical World Church Service (Ecumenical meaning Universal) was discovered by someone attending said the church was full three hours before Kate and William had even arrived.

Photographer 'Mrs.Regal.Eyes' captured what was happening.

The love heart thrones with the detail of the one Kate sitting on is slightly raised higher, as Queen Elizabeth's throne in the Houses of Parliament to her husbands Prince Phillip. Notice the Star of David over William's head and the 8 pointed Christ star over Kate's Head. Empress?

The locals enjoyed free ice-cream that day to celebrate. What is the reality for people in these lush lands. Notice that a great number of people in our world live on £1 a day wages,

Interesting to observe when people are being raised to be put in positions of power who are not meant to be, the people are oppressed and suppressed so they accept whatever is offered.

In the time Kate Middleton and William were in the Solomon Islands where a secret crowning ceremony took place in the Anglican Cathedral over there, Lady Gaga wore a Full Crown of flowers. She was also wearing the deep Emerald green dress. The Green has been worn by the Empress.

This can be seen as Lady Gage portraying someone into bloodsport rituals to be Empress of Asia, or, Someone involved in blood rituals to silence (because her mouth is covered as if bound by the same colour as the fox tails) The person she is wearing what appears to be a tiara upside down under a pink head covering. (Who is trying to silence/paralyse/Kill Princess's of Asia?)

Reading the Holy Bible - being guided to specific messages, the monarchs have warnings. They have obligations to uphold. Injustice is not excusable. Usury is forbidden too. When the Queen was crowned already the establishment was formed. She has improved what was before.

Not everyone knows that we can have anything we want from God. King Solomon Asked for Wisdom. Kate and William asked for the power to be invisible. Nothing about privacy at all. When I spoke of a force pushing me down the stairs (fortunately only deep bruises) another time my car steering wheel spinning out of control that I could not grab it to stop, this was by an invisible force. Again my foot is hurting and having stabbing pains too. Not the first time.

People involved in sorcery and witchcraft are not anointed by God. They might be using this to gain and maintain positions of power. What is going on behind closed doors - GOD KNOWS!

A link below shows in poor taste lookalike 'actors' depicting scenes 1) Kate in her bedroom with pictures of William on her wall. 2) Diana's photograph on the mirror with Kate mimic eyes, hence her dark eyeliner 3) William gazing at Kate in the see through dress - he was spell bound by this. 4) Kate putting the crown on her own head. In Russia Empress Catherine the Great was handed the Crown by the Orthodox Priests. Is Kate Middleton being crowned Empress by the Grace of God?

Warnings have been given NOT to use God's Name in vain.

Ruling over people by Deception is NOT how God works!

In another scripture I was guided to some time ago, the understanding was given, for all the good that a monarch can do, they neglect Justice and the obligations to God's Law.

The British royals trace their lineage back thousands of years to maintain their positions. The Queen has known for a number of years she is from an illegitimate bloodline, and if I recall, there was talk of signing over powers to Europe. The Lisbon Treaty is Portugal.

This couple are portrayed in a light that reflects their best - not the real person. Is the interest of Kate Middleton to be Queen for wealth and power? William was born into his family. However, to assume that he and his son are born to be King is disregarding the Authority of God who chooses who is to be Crowned 'in his name' - Who Really is the Sincere servant of Christ?

William is quite a serious man from his childhood and I am sure Kate has been a breath of fresh air in his life. However, I do not see someone who is 'serious' and aware of how she has been impacting millions of young people today. Just in standing to defend Harry when he was depicted naked with a girl in front of a crowd of people, the girl could have been raped or gang raped. What sort of person is Harry to treat any women with such disrespect - he is a party animal laddo.

Putting on an act with a title, does not hide the true person. William, Kate and Harry know they have blinded the people and yet above, we see the people sold to the world as the future King and Queen being blind to even being tested. I doubt very much Jesus Christ would crown a witch!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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