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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Being Guided By Holy Scriptures At Any Time

You can find answers in the scriptures. Often I pick up the Holy Bible, with my hands cupped over the book, my mind and heart centred and ask 'God please guide me to what you want me to know in this time'

You can gain answers in the present time and spiritual insight from any Holy Book that is with the inspired Word of God in this way. Daughter of Zion came to my attention this way. The message to shout louder came to me through the Holy Bible in this way too.

With sincere prayers these are heard and answered. Keep your mind and heart open to Christ, for He will reveal His truth to you too. There is always validation.

People who reached their lowest ebb in my earlier article, some heard Jesus say 'I love you' and that was the turning point to let of of all addictions. Earlier in the year while in the Kitchen asking Jesus for validation; thinking 'who am I' he replied hearing "You are MY Princess"

Dreams are for a reason. Dreams can be messages from God. We are told that what is hidden will be revealed, and what we are meant to know will in some way be known too.

After the dream about a Princess being crowned, midway writing this article I picked up the bible 'for assurance' because sharing openly, especially takes courage and certainty. We have different types of dreams and for different reasons. My dream vision was showing me something important and the people around were not aware what is happening even though the stage was in the open and a princess was crowned in front of their eyes. They could see but not understand.

The other day chatting to a man in a shop with such a gentle nature, he told me of dreams carrying a big sword fighting all the demons and spoke of feeling courageous. The courageous hero is who he really is. There is a very real spiritual battle taking place in this time.

Until you have personal experience recognising your prayers are answered; with just what you need being met, you might not understand the power of prayer and have some doubt in faith. People are wanting to learn how to read the Holy Scriptures. Like dreams, the Holy Scriptures have many layers of understanding. In fact, Every letter in the Hebrew alphabet has many meanings too.

There are spiritual teachers who believe God is within and not outside of ourselves; perhaps because of their teaching or they do not believe. Believing is validated with experience. It is when we know 'and have proof' as happened with me, this is when my faith began compounding.

Even the Rabbi's would be constantly searching for truth and because as human beings we are not God we do not have all the answers. The more we seek the answers in prayer, to be guided in the right way, the more we will have the right heart and attitude for spiritual understanding.

With every prayer answered, faith becomes stronger.

To be guided by Holy Scriptures, you can find out what it is you are meant to know and learn in the present time. Contemplate the message in the present time and what this means. If the scripture you are guided to does not relate, close the book again and with your heart and mind centered, again say 'God please guide me/help me to understand what it is you want me to know'.

The Hebrew Scroll Torah makes the opening of a page difficult because of the way it is bound and held together. Jewish people have been given understanding and in focusing their mind on seeking truth and guidance, they might hear a chapter or words, from there to go and study this.

In the Book, when you open the page, your thumbs will be placed on the left and right hand side of the page. You can read all of the chapter if you choose, however pay particular attention to exactly where your thumbs are placed. You might be given some inspiration for that day.

In my seeking assurance and guidance earlier - this is the message that I was guided to find. Sharing this message so all seekers and people of faith might want to reinforce their prayer.

Conduct me, O Lord, in thy way, and I will walk in thy truth: let my heart rejoice that it may fear thy name. I will praise thee, O Lord my God: with my whole heart, and I will glorify thy name for ever: For thy mercy is great towards me: and thou hast delivered my soul out of the lower hell.

O God, the wicked are risen up against me, and the assembly of the mighty have sought my soul: and they have not set thee before their eyes. And thou, O Lord, art a God of compassion, and merciful, patient, and of much mercy, and true.

O look upon me, and have mercy on me: give thy command to thy servant, and save the son of thy handmaid. shew me a token for good: that they who hate me may see, and be confounded, because thou, O Lord, hast helped me and hast comforted me.
Psalm 85:11-17 (Douay-Rheims)

My reason for concern and talking openly about the wizard wand wavers is particularly for anyone who has sold their soul to be in positions of power. All these illegal wars taking place, they are satanic and unholy, the killing that is taking place is giving the commander power. If someone is involved with black magic and sits as the Head of a church, 'if' they sold their soul to the devil to be there, everyone within that church becomes subject to the devil too.

This has happened in history. Christ told people to go to your rooms, close the door and pray. The infiltration of demonic spirits is a challenge to corrupt the people in the light. Just because someone is depicted as being in the light, it does not mean they are.

"So when God desired to show more convincingly to the heirs of the promise the unchangeable character of his purpose, he guaranteed it with an oath" Hebrews 6:17

Taking an oath of allegiance needs to be examined carefully. In Biblical prophesy there are warnings given to people and the people have been placed under the obedience to an overlord, who might not have been appointed by God. God said of William and Kate "they are both defiant".

At one time the oath was just to the Queen - Queen Elizabeth. Recent years people are asked to take an oath to the Queen, her heirs and successors. The get out clause is 'successor' - the throne will be overturned (3 times). The law courts are the cause to their own cleaning out process too. It is the actions within the royal house that will be the cause of their downfall too. This is nothing to do with anyone externally. Selfless service has been lost, unlike Christ.

In the background are three headless figures. As they are standing, they might be representing three people who know what is going on behind closed doors. They are also warning Kate and William about spell casting ans sorcery being forbidden by God's Law. They did not see or care!

The Koh-i-Noor diamond carries a curse, which is why men do not possess it. The Diamond is cursed for being taken from where it rightfully belongs. With Queen Elizabeth's 60th Diamond Jubilee, this ties in with the law of return and perhaps we will see her giving this back, in some way. The Diamond is a symbol, however the stone of clear carbon crystal symbolises and enables clarity.

This bible commemorates Queen Elizabeths 60th Diamond Jubilee Year. The diamond is depicted on the front with deep navy blue cover. This colour is known as Royal Navy.

Anyone placing material value on a crown has missed the point. Anything from God it is priceless and a crown from God cannot be bought or sold for any price. God does not trade in currency.

From the earlier scripture above, I want to include the first part with this also carrying a message to share too. This can be said as a prayer by anyone at any time too:

A prayer for God's grace to assist us to the end:

'A prayer for David himself. Incline thy ear, O Lord, and hear me: for I am needy and poor. Preserve my soul, for I am holy: save thy servant, O my God, that trusteth in thee. Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I have cried to thee all the day. Give joy to the soul of thy servant, for to thee, O Lord, I have lifted up my soul. For thou, O Lord, art sweet and mild: and plenteous in mercy to all that call upon thee. Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer: and attend to the voice of my petition.

I have called upon thee in the day of my trouble: because thou hast heard me. There is none among the gods like unto thee, O Lord: and there is none according to thy works. All the nations thou hast made shall come and adore before thee, O Lord: and they shall glorify thy name. For thou art great and dost wonderful things: thou art God alone.'
Psalm 85:1-10 (Douay-Rheims)

In our darkest hour, prayer gets us through the most difficult situations. There was a time when being timid and not speaking out, ignoring the warning signs too. Even being a nice person, trying to do right by everyone, it hurt me to hear people say they 'hated me' = people I had helped out and cared about. Then one say someone said it is because of who you are!!! Did not make sense. This was to prepare me for realise that there are people using black magic on 'the anointed ones'

This is why the warning is given to those people involved.

"Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm." 1 Chronicles 16:22, Psalm 105:15

Then a few weeks ago I was guided to a page and the words of a two inch thick bible were there clearly written when the understanding came following this too:

"Since Mordecai, before whom your downfall has started, is of Jewish origin, you cannot stand against him--you will surely come to ruin!" Esther 6:13

When guided to this scripture was after an invisible force pushed me down the stairs. Someone wants to 'paralyse me' past and present time. If was after this, I was guided to find the Royal Souvenir shop in Jerusalem and realised being shown a woman is involved in sorcery.

Even if people are Jewish who are involved in sorcery, it shows they have rejected God. This does not make them exempt from karma and accountability in the divine court. In the examination of the warnings that have been given, those who live by the sword will die by the sword. The ONLY reason I am alive today is because God has saved me more than once - for His Purpose.

The realisation of being of Jewish descent; is after my grandmother told me I was the image of the ancient Princess. Maria is my name; the Virgin Mary is known as Maria in the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Mother lived in a home not far from my grandmother in Smyrna/Izmir.

From Jewish people, people anointed by God are born.

A few days ago I came across this photograph depicting Rachel, my French grandmothers middle name. There is a family resemblance to the image of the Holy Mother Mary.

With the discovery that my grandmother's maiden name being Kurdish, this took her father as being from Persia/Iran. Her family name is also connected with Mary Magdalena. Unlike the effort people have gone into gaining and maintaining positions of power, I am born who I am.

For masses of Jewish people to be killed in the holocaust, it was by deception and their being put in a position to be obedient to overlords who were not appointed by God.

If a King or Queen cannot deliver the Word of God, they are not anointed by God, However, in the coronation ceremony they become anointed by oil. Queen Elizabeth was crowned Queen by Right; by her bloodline. What is most excellent, she traces her lineage to King David and so we return to Christ as Our King. Being of the Family of Christ, we are all related. As you go backwards, the most Almighty Creator made Christ the eternal Ruler of this world; who proved His Fathers Power.

It is the Queen's obligation to bring people closer to Christ and to God; not to entice people into sorcery and witchcraft. I trust Queen Elizabeth will/has addressed this issue.

The other day I read a headline about the Pharaoh's sorcerers working their spin in the media. That is why looking at symbolism in images brings more truth of what is relevant to know. In closing this article, this is the message guided to relation to the sorcerers of black witchcraft.

"To whom art thou like, O thou that art famous and lofty among the trees of pleasure? Behold, thou art brought down with the trees of pleasure to the lowest parts of the earth: thou shalt sleep in the midst of the uncircumcised, with them that are slain by the sword: this is Pharao, and all his multitude, saith the Lord God. "
Ezekiel 31:18

The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, 2 Thessalonians 2:9

Once people realise the reason why God is Our Protector, they will understand. You either belong to Satan or to Christ. We cannot serve two masters. It is YOUR CHOICE!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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