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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Broadcaster, Writer Sir David Frost Dies 74

Veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost pictured with wife Carin

Sir David Frost has died at 74 years of age. David died after suffering heart attack on board cruise liner Queen Elizabeth. British Prime Minister David Cameron described him as 'fearsome interviewer'. Sir Michael Parkinson said he 'never said a nasty word' about anyone.

Sir David with Sir Michael Parkinson in 2008. They worked together many times during their extensive television careers

David Frost forced President Nixon to admit involvement in Watergate Scandal. He was not hesitant to confront crimes, even if they were denied at the time. The confrontation is not to punish but for people to wake up and become self aware, put right wrongs and not repeat mistakes.

Treading on eggshells and keeping quiet is not the way to progress. We are living in a time with more people scared to speak their truth than ever before. The lie is often painful.

Interview with the American President Richard Nixon in 1977.

There was a time when being upfront and confronting hard issues while uncomfortable, was respected. necessary. Actually there is always room for upfront confrontational people in our world - this has always been meant to be played out in the divine plan, so people are not downtrodden. The motivation, as in the intention of the person who is confronting, can make or break a person.

Sir David became famous after interviewing President Nixon in 1977. The politician was forced to admit that he had taken part in the infamous Watergate scandal

Obviously David will have had some background information as he was part of the system. He would have likely been a researcher too in a time when not everything was at our fingertips like the internet is today. Just because someone errs in life does not make them a bad person. There are many people who are misguided, particularly today war mongers and corrupt officials are a liability.

David Frost is someone who interviewed to get to the truth. His questions were unprepared and the people were put on the hot seat. He has shown tough guy and gentle too. For someone to be able to interview people, in a way that assists change, through self examination, this is a skill found in people who understand psychology and process. It serves no purpose to crush anyone.

Margaret Thatcher, a tough cookie, interviewed by David Frost.

The Daily Mail writes : 'Sir David Frost has probably interviewed more world figures from royalty, politics, the Church, and show-business than anyone else'

More David's are needed in the world today - people who speak out and challenge the corrupt officials. People who are not scared to confront crimes against humanity. Unless we are to examine our own process, we never learn from our mistakes. While we might say the wrong thing at the wrong time, bear in mind there are people who do not care who they hurt or what they do. There are people making decisions where lives are lost, livelihoods are lost every day.

The man who beats his wife up and yells at his children - is often full of remorse afterwards. We are in an enlightenment era and before anyone can hope to realise higher consciousness to attain oneness with God, first is to Know Yourself. This can take a lifetime and the work is ongoing.

'Sir David Frost after receiving his knighthood with his wife and three sons in 1993' and again below Television Presenter and Newscaster with wife Lady Carina Fitzalan-Howard at Ascot 2011.

There are good actors and people who are evidently acting. Being aware of congruence might be because of your personal process.Good actors are when you are able to watch a movie and the character is in tune with the part they are playing. They are Acting a part, not the part. The actor might draw from their own emotions from experience to bring real feeling to a part.

Probably Britain's most hated man with Tony Blair. Was he on the payroll? Not seen this interview however I did notice Tony has a tendency to say 'You' instead of owning his own process. Listening to his pre-written scripts by a scriptwriter on the payroll can only reveal the true person by listening to the tone of voice and watching facial expressions which is my interest.

Sir David Frost with an early Bafta and with his Fellowship Award at the Pioneer British Academy Television Awards in 2005 - The British Academy Film Awards. The one eye mask is a reminder that there is named now Big Brother watching and listening to the people now too.

Interviewing on television takes someone who is comfortable in front of the camera, to then add to this bringing their own person to come across as being sincere. Acting is with a script. Being our own person is without a script. David Frost is from a time when while keeping withing certain boundaries that the BBC set down, he had the free roll to interview as he saw fit.

Through the keyhole is a choice program title, because perhaps the door was not open. On saying that just from a glimpse of a situation, or person we can learn more about this too.

David presented 'Frost Over the World' on Al-Jazeera English TV for six years until 2012.' Over the years, Sir David wrote 17 books, produced several films and started two television networks, London Weekend Television and TV-am.' Communicating and information keeps the brain ticking.

Sir David was due to give a speech on the Queen Elizabeth last Saturday when he had a heart attack and died. The gentleman led a full career and likely impacted many peoples lives.

If we do not stand for what we believe in, we fall...

Sharing some of his most known interviews here.

Enoch Powell Interview Frost On Friday 1969

The Frost Interview : Desmond Tutu: Not going quietly

Sir David Frost in conversation with Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks

David Frost interviews Margaret Thatcher about the sinking of the Belgrano

Frost Over The World - George Clooney -18 Jan 08

Frost over the World - Tony Blair - 11 Dec 09

Muhammad Ali -Then And Now (Documentary)

The David Frost Show: John Lennon and Yoko Ono - January 13, 1972 - Complete Show

shah of iran interview with david frost 1979 contadora island panama full uncut version

You can access many more videos on the Youtube channel.

My appreciation to David for leaving a legacy that we can listen and learn the truth about people's experience and belief's. We can challenge and address issues that must not be ignored and silenced. Overall, there are a great many conscientious people in our world who are striving with a far higher consciousness and helping to pave the way for peace in our world.

The man who allowed so many people to share their truth in front of a viewing audience. With the experience of this process, these same people can contemplate their time and discussion afterwards. Unless we hear our own process, we do not know what is our inner truth.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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