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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Miley Cyrus - Why Has She Been Chosen?

There is something about everyone who is in the public eye today. Everyone serves a purpose in some way. Entertainers are actors. Artists are creators. Singers a messengers.

Miley Cyrus is hiding behind a black heart Chanel handbag. On one side is a green cut down tree, like a Christmas Tree. The sky above is 'black'. To her right we can see the shoulder and arm and side of a royal blue colour jacket. Her hair is part shaved with two 'gold colour' bunches on top of her head. Miley is smiling behind the handbag. She is wearing a multicoloured outfit - this could even be symbolically a connection with Joseph, as in Joseph's technicolor dreamcoat.

Still holding up the Black heart Channel handbag - Channel is French, the French Connection. Miley is holding the hand of the man in Blue as if they are together as partners - he might be a bodyguard. Above her head is a quarry tile wall, to the other side is an open door with a white handle. Again the setting is dark - black. Miley is wearing black Nike shoes standing on grey granite type floor next to grey concrete tiles. Numbers can be seen 321? as in countdown.

The grey area is neither black of white - not clear.

Photocredit to AKM-GSI - Miley is holding the back still and the handle on this gives the impression like a half circlet - like a crown placed on the head. The French Crown? Quite recently I was given a vision of a deliberately 'hidden' gold circlet crown put somewhere.

The person next to her is wearing a white top, tanned skin. Behind Miley and the drivers face is blacked out. Kiwami Restaurant - Japaneze in Studio City. With Japan being in the news, is there a French and Japanese connection in relation to the Crown? Just a thought.

In this photograph Miley is smiling/laughing behind the bag. The back of her suit is all the same material again see from your own pespective, what stands out more, the green or colours? From the side we can holding the back up, with the gold highlighted on Miley's head, the handle can give the impression of a gold crown. she is walking towards a white vehicle.

The Channel logo is facing head on - 'two C's' - two sees, (are there two holy sees?) With Channel when youngr I used think of Channel, the water that divides England and France/Europe. A head on view if we are to consider this might be a gold crown, with Miley holding both hands, indicates she is acting the part to crown herself. Make of this what you will.

The man next to her has a neatly cut beard, wearing a seatbelt. Miley is not wearing a seatbelt. The mirror is facing towards the driver and passenger (while we have big brother spying on us through the computer) Is the light shining on the back of the mirror reminding us of two way reflection. No idea. Just sharing thoughts and observations. The angles on the car appear to be distorted, not sure if from a lens that causes this or by photoediting.

Just popped into my mind that drivers are recording other drivers now - Big Brother agenda. Notice how many images show people carrying cameras. As we look at images...consider we are being looked at too. The big Brother shows and reality shows, has with television capability to have camera fitted to see into your room and to know what you and your family are doing. Your mobile has GPS tracking too. Type your address into Googlemaps and Google earth. Right click the red arrow.

Now I know nothing about Miley Cyrus and yet yesterday she came to mind. This was initially triggered by reading what someone wrote on facebook and without having seen evidence to what is was related to, I was unable to connect to gain understanding. Perhaps that was meant to be.

With Miley Cyrus, 'Cyrus the Great' came to mind. 'Cyrus is the name given to Cyrus the Great'. He became King of Kings of Persia (Iran) King of Āryāvarta, King of Anshan, King of Media, King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, King of the Four Corners of the World.

King Cyrus pronounced what some consider to be one of the first historically important declarations of human rights via the Cyrus Cylinder sometime between 539 and 530 BC. He is referred to by the people of the Jewish faith, as "the anointed of the Lord".

Miley Cyrus is not a man....However on a very serious note, we cannot ignore that for some years there have been illegal wars taking place. Iran becomes of most interest to the war mongers, the Shah of Peria is another name of the Emperor. Iraq was a 'Kingdom' etc

Who is pushing to invade Iran? The crown of the lands gives the crown wearer possession of the lands and resources. The Iranian PM spoke of the Imam Mahdi, which means the Guided one. There is another singer named Wiz Khalifa - the Khalifa is a successor to Prophet Muhammad.

Miley has an exaggerated persona for a purpose. Looking at her photographs, just in the article, only partly seeing her face, the persona on stage is not the real person. If she was a weak performer she might not stand. This time she has shocked many people and perhaps in that shock people will stop thinking and listen to the message. Disney knows the art to influence the audience.

There are also millions of children being sexually abused every day that their boundaries and behavior is all screwed up. Is there a message that she is putting out to the world that she is being free to who she really is and so can other people be too. The message has far more meaning than the visual and as adults we can turn this off. There is another message to remind parents to screen what their children and listening to and watching 'an unspoken message' is given here.

The more extreme that the artists become on stage, they might be delivering an important message. What is the real message. It might be serious, provocative and even not making sense.

With many people critisizing, Lady Gaga told The Sun: "I don't like to pass judgement on Miley Cyrus. Generally, people need to lighten up about pop music, it's about entertainment.

"It is here to make you smile and make you happy. Especially in America there is an excessive dragging of female artists and I don't want to contribute to that."

She added: "I do things that are polarising sometimes but that's what it's all about."

'So it is about polarizing.....' both sides, both extremes and different perspectives.

'Show your retro affection with a loved up accessory' is the article message providing a message to look at the alternatives. Is the price the message or the article?

'Blood on the dance floor' also came to mind and

Our minds take in everything we hear and everything we see too. Just with the one song have listened to 'We Can't Stop' - understanding the conveyance of the real message might help.

In sharing the lyrics of the song : 'We Can't Stop'

'Unfortunately, vintage Chanel can often cost more than the new stuff, and at £1189 this bag is certainly not a steal. We do heart this Stella McCartney version though (below).'

Band on the run comes to mind - the song by Paul McCartney and Wings, with Linda McCartney who are Stella's Parents. This is held LIVE IN SEATTLE KING DOME 1976

America - Land of the Free. Declaration of Independence 1776.

There is a highly provocative message visual within this video that has many people saying Why? What happened? Well not knowing before, I can only share a perspective and that she might be acting out a part. The message is reminding people 'this is our house - our country, we can do what we want to - we will not be controlled, we are free people, this is our divine right'

And we all learn our lessons. We all have to find our own way. As the message is said in Miley's song - 'Only God can Judge US'. We decide what we do, wear, eat and who we socialise with. Some of the most healing and nurturing relationships are found between hearing people.

Of course thee is great concern about the promiscuity and dark slide people are going to, with drink, drugs, self harm, even changing their body image trying to be attractive or defying the aging process. For a long time is a message of conformity and living to ideals, instead of being who you really are and learning self acceptance to be able to accept other people.

People who go off the rails...might not know boundaries. Everyone has a story - if you have not gone through life experiencing hurt, then you have not lived either, not that hurt is recommended. The next generation are growing up in a world that has war and the most terrible abuses happening. ARe these messages a distraction, while the vocal message to be reminding people to remember your rights and freedoms. We cannot change who we are...we can heal our pain though.

So who is the real Miley Cyrus. What is her message?

Miley Cyrus performs at the “Kids Inaugural: We Are the Future” concert at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, D.C., Jan. 19, 2009.

Every child that is born today is going to be a leader and teacher in their own lives. The parents to each child are actually the most important roles they will hold in their life.

Looking from across the pond to people in America, many big corporate owners, success is encouraged, opportunity is created - there might be a structure of social elite, if the movers and shakers are the givers and enablers, the people who empower other people, this sets a standard for future generations. Big voices are signing on America's stage and internationally - Michael Jackson had a message 'heal the world and make it a better place'....

We are living in a time when people are deceiving to be overlords over lands and people - being the head of an international law court too. This puts people in a vulnerable position with self appointed overlords making laws, punishing and prosecuting. Innocent people pay the price.

There are surely people who would want me to stop typing - I can stop typing and put my attention elsewhere. Except, I am deeply concerned with what is happening in our world, the wars, millions of innocent people suffering and I KNOW wizard wand wavers are not appointed by God to rule over anyone.

The music industry is delivering mixed messages - the outfits have got shorter and shorter. Do not let the outfits distract...perhaps they are meant to grab people's attention.

'I Can't Be tamed' is a clear message about not being held back or down by a man. We live in a world where globally men are putting women down and holding them back. The men who have not relised a higher consciousness can be abusive too. Millions of women are suffering in silence with domestic violence and rape too every day. There has to be a way to reach the masses to say this is not acceptable. No one is saving or protecting the people. We are in an era where empowering every girl and women is necessary for survival and evolution of the human race.

Another Daily Mail headline 'Let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you': A mother's open letter urging her daughter never to be like the pop star gains 3million views'

At one time children wanted careers and to study. So many children want to be famous celebrities and pop stars. Everyone can be famous - being who they really are. Lady Gage is promoting individuality and changing her dress code and style probably several times a day. Lady Gaga is also active and focused on anti-bullying. Fame has been the platform to get the initial audience.

Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth is said to be coming under pressure from friends to distance himself from fianceé Miley Cyrus after her much derided performance at the VMAs. Perhaps Liam's friends are not aware of the deliberate price hike of food yet....

'Wearing a shirt with Miley Cyrus naked does not prevent skin cancer Photo by Marc Jacobs' - notice Miley is protecting her private parts 'this message is a reminder for women to do the same. The writing is across her breasts as a reminder of breast cancer too.

Just in closing in relation tho the Music Awards performance that I have not posted here in full, Daily Mail has just published an update. with the headline:

'I have so many issues...everyone does dumb stuff when they're messed up': Miley Cyrus opens up following her controversial performance at the VMAs

We all have issues...better to admit this and step on the road to healing, than to try and pretend all is OK when not. We are all instrumental in each-others learning and growth.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauiine Maria

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