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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 13 September 2013

Vision: Pink Crystal Box, Tower and Diadem

The other day I had a vision and wanted to share:

0n the 4/5th September in closing my eyes, I was being shown that there is a pink crystal ornate box, with a pink crystal tower structure and pink crystal diadem too.

The box and tower were sculpted and ornate. The diadem tiara was made of the same. The tower structure was on top of the box and the diadem placed over the tower.

The following day I had read about the G20 summit in Russia.

In doing some research and writing on the Church of the Savior in St. Petersburg, outside on the church is a roof part that is much like the tower structure I was being shown.

Not giving much more thought about the crown or box, is because the time was not right. Then it was later I was to discover something else that might be related and since.

My thoughts were about Crystal Palace in London.

The Crystal Palace was a exhibition centre originally in Hyde Park, London, England. More than 14,000 exhibitors from around the world gathered in the Palace's 990,000 square feet (92,000 m2). Being named as a Palace, intended for people globally the land mark was created too.

The original Crystal Place was built over a Tree.

After 6 months the palace was moved. It was modified and enlarged so much that it extended beyond the boundary of Penge Place, which was also the boundary between Surrey and Kent.

The Crystal Palace address was Sydenham S.E. (SE26 after 1917), but the actual building and parklands were in Penge. Most of the buildings and grounds were in the borough of Croydon, then in 1899 the county boundary was moved, transferring the entire site to Penge Urban District in Kent. The site is now within the Crystal Palace Ward of the London Borough of Bromley.

Being born in Thornton Heath, the Borough of Croydon, Surrey, then moving to Biggin Hill in Kent - looking on the map a road is named Biggin Hill in Thornton Heath. When the family moved to Biggin Hill, I wanted to go to an all girls school and went to Princes Plain in Bromley.

The Crystal Palace has a complex history. In 1911, the Festival of Empire was held at the building to mark the coronation of George V and Queen Mary.

On 30 November 1936 came the final catastrophe – fire. A building that attracted people from around the world, desroyed. Winston Churchill, who said, "This is the end of an age"

Future plans and proposals are to develop the site again.

A private consortium announced plans to rebuild the Crystal Palace and its use to house galleries, a snow slope, a music auditorium, leisure facilities and a hotel.

On 20 January 2011, Crystal Palace Football Club announced plans to move to the site. Initial proposals include a 40,000 capacity stadium on the site of the athletics stadium and a new athletics track north of the National Sports Centre.

On 27 July 2013, it was reported that the Chinese company ZhongRong Holdings was in early talks with the London Borough of Bromley and Mayor of London Boris Johnson to rebuild the Crystal Palace in the north side of the park, with some redevelopment.

Obviously London has plans by recreating this landmark. The Chinese company ZhongRong Holdings, also explains why buildings from England are also created in China too.

With Rhianna and Christ Martin singing Princess of China, it is not a coincidence to see a physical landmark in London, especially after 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games.

The other day I was thinking of architects who have been inspired to build grand buildings with the most intricate of detail. This surely reflects a mindset who are inspired creatively and technically too. Men who function from higher mind, reflect this in their ability.

Team work can be positive and constructive, or the opposite.

Today I discovered a 'Pink Crystal Tower' by Dale Chihuly at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Coral Gables, Florida. Nothing like my vision - it is named Pink Crystal Tower though.

Thinking about Florida always reminds me of Florida oranges. In Bolton Orlando Bridge provides car and pedestrian access to Trinity Street Train Station (not the main entrance)

'Orlando is a city in the central region of the U.S. state of Florida. It is the county seat of Orange County, and the center of the Greater Orlando metropolitan area.' Validated

Also what appeared on my search was the Eiffel Tower.

There are now 'Pink Eiffel Tower ornaments for sale too some with rhinestones. There is also a pretty pink Eiffel Tower notebook wallpaper found here. So all this is for a reason.

Is the Eiffel Tower representing a woman? The architect also designed the Statue of Liberty. There are two Statues of Liberty in France and one standing in New York, America.

What also came to mind after my vision - Iran.

Then I discovered there is a pink diamond in Iran.

The Darya-e-Noor Diamond (Sea of light) is the largest pink diamond of the world. This famous diamond along with its mate, the Kooh-i-Nur, or Mountain of Light, have always come together in history, although there is no similarity in cut or color between these two diamonds.

This diamond the East India Company obtained and presented as a gift to Queen Victoria. One article states it is presently in the Queen Mother’s Crown in England. Wikipedia writes 'The Darya-ye Noor is now preserved in the Treasury of National Jewels in the Museum of the Central Bank of Iran in Tehran.' This explains former Iranian President speaking of the Imam Mahdi.

The Diamond is mounted with a crown and green gem (pink and green connect to the heart chakra) On top of the crown are two feather design. Ostrich feathers are worn in the Kingdom of Egypt. Pink being in feminine worn by Isis and Egyptian goddess Maat, Wisdom, Truth and Justice.

From the Iranian Crown Jewels is the Noor-ul-Ain tiara which holds the second largest pink diamond in the world. Nur-ul-Ain means light of the Eye. (this was not what I saw in my vision)

I cannot specify the detail of the diadem/tiara - It appeared as a full circlet and not half. What I was being shown were that there is an ornate designed box, with a tower and diadem that are all connected together. These have been shown in a vision for a reason.

Taipei Palace Museum, Republic of China, someone visited the exhibit called Royal Style, Qing Dynasty and Western Court Jewelry. The Qing - King dynasty? Sounds very similar.

This tiara caught my attention as being 'similar' in style.

What also caught my attention, the wise pink crystal owl.

The website name 'Road to Parnassus' brings to mind 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' - a weird film that is profound too. Parnassus is a place name in Cancun and New Zealand (so it is important). Parnassus is a mountain that towers above Delphi, in my motherland, Greece. (In Greek mythology, home to the nine Greek goddesses – the Muses – of the arts and sciences)

'The name "Parnassus" in literature typically refers to its distinction as the home of poetry, literature, and learning; the Montparnasse area in Paris, France'

Montparnasse: on the left bank of the river Seine, is centred at the crossroads of Boulevard du Montparnasse and the Rue de Rennes, between the Rue de Rennes and boulevard Raspail. Montparnasse was absorbed into the capital's 14th arrondissement in 1669.

My French Grandmother kept her maiden name and so this is how I discovered her Kurdish name (people from Kurdistan, which includes adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.) Discovering a lady with the name Marie Madeleine and same surname presents the possibility that my grandmother was a relation. Most importantly this points to Mary Magdalene being from the Middle East.

In learning 1910, the town hall of Rennes had a fire, records of birth and marriage were likely destroyed too. In 1922 the city of Smyrna (Izmir) was burned to the ground. Prince Phillip's father was reportedly on a ship watching on. People begging to get on the ship were turned away. Masses of people were massacred in this time. Evidence of the Imperial bloodline in ashes.

Somewhere there is records of who we are related to. What is most important is to know when you go backwards to realise that we are all related to Jesus Christ - King of Israel.

This year the President of Israel and the President of America implanted a microchip with written both Declarations of Independence in a 2000 year old stone from Jerusalem. Two thousand years ago, while some people lost their way, most people anticipated the Mashiach King.

In ancient times people feared the Wrath of God. Today they mock Him. The floods, the land slides are just some of the signs. Yesterday being guided to notice more fires connected to St. Mary. We all cannot help who we are born as, this is our birthright. God does not bow down to Satan. In the same way someone who prays to God is got going to worship Satan either.

The other day I was guided to find Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume

'A reliquary housing Mary Magdalene's bones rests in a niche on a lower level beneath her statue. Four angels bear the reliquary. They seem strikingly similar to descriptions of the seraphim on the Ark of the Covenant.' The insignia of Mary Magdalene tops the vessel.'

Notice the gold crown on top. (Not pink) but this is the Lady who is regarded throughout the Orthodox Church as the Apostle to the Apostles and without knowing the detail of Mary Magdalene's family lineage, she is shown here that she was recognised as being divinely guided by God too.

Jordan came to mind....not the land but could be connected too. Jordan (Katie Price) and Peter Andre married and Katie wore a pink wedding dress that was to be her fairytale wedding that did not work out. She is wearing a tall tiara. The reason I am sharing this is when the four year old had a visitation of Jesus with Mary - he said she was wearing a pink long dress.

Notice a tower wedding cake. They also sang 'a whole new world'

Aladdin - A whole new world is shared here.

In Aladdin, Princess is identified. When Katie and Peter had their daughter, they legally named her Princess and by birthright, she could even be a Royal Princess too.

Prince Alwaleed's wife is named Ameera (meaning Princess). So since being married, Ameera's name is Princess Princess. In history, women have had rights of land and titles taken away.

This couple are highly motivated to empower women and eager for the law changes so women can drive - In the time of Muhammad women rode horses. There were no cars.

A few weeks ago I had a vision of an ornate hidden gold crown and now this. In the greater scheme of things what is relevant will come to light and what is truth will be validated.

The French Connection is important (The Da Vinci Code)

Keep an open mind....and keep focused on Global Peace. There is some real evil going on in our world and people are being influenced by evil forces...they do not even know.

If you pray, pray for these people to return to the right way.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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