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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 16 September 2013

Dame Vivienne Westwood & Lily Cole Voices

Following on from a previous article - designers are making statements. Models are bringing these statements to life. Individuality is promoted in this era. Voices have been silenced.

'Dame Westwood uses her runway to promote her social and political ideals, and having worked with the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), Sunday was another opportunity to provoke change through fashion.

And with Lily Cole, the designer has a good ally who this year directed her first short film with Sky Rainforest rescue to inspire people to protect the environment and tackle climate change.

Together at London Fashion Week, the two brought their message to light, with Lily proving that she is more than just a model.' Lily wore a Grecian style dress in her expressive performance.

Lily returned to the catwalk to present Dame Westwood with flowers following the show. She is seen here carrying a postcard that reads 'This Is My Voice.'

If you are to look at the golden robes of the Buddha, coloured by Saffron, you will see that Vivienne Westwoods hair colour is very similar. Creative people are divinely inspired.

It is easy to take our beautiful world for granted. Our planet, wildlife and humans are being destroyed by the act of man. Women are bringing the message of mother nature.

Climate change is the cause of death, not the bringer of life. There has been in the last years noticable spraying from airplanes of something that we know as contrails. Research has shown that this is detrimental to life and so to nature and wildlife. It is a weapon of war.

Our attention is taken to look upwards to the heavens. So look beyond this earth for the actual authority because the people who rule over lands and people by deception are not appointed by God. The reason why the Commandment not to use God's name in Vain is applicable.

Even though the light is shining on this model and everyone is looking, the man dressed in royal blue is looking in another direction. The world is waking up to people who want reverance of royal titles and yet while being preoccupied with their goals, they cannot even see the light.

Paloma Faith, a Westwood fan, also a friend of Lily's has starred in Terry Gilliam's sci-fi fantasy The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus.

'The film follows a travelling theatre troupe whose leader, having made a bet with the Devil, takes audience members through a magical mirror to explore their imaginations and present them with a choice between self-fulfilling enlightenment or gratifying ignorance.'

Paloma is a Spanish, Portuguese, French name. Paloma in Spanish means 'Dove'. The Dove is a symbol used to depict the Holy Spirit and also a symbol of peace.

Paloma's hair is also a rich colour with the reminder of our hair being our crowning glory. Paloma's hair piled on top of her head is her crown.

Anna is the name of the Virgin Mary's mother also Queen Anne. Wearing gold and this is the imperial purple are colours together connected with the Christ family. Since the ancient times, we are all descendants from the people who lived in these times. As I have asked before - would you recognise someone who is born from a royal lineage by birthright?

Creative people might not plan what they wear - they might be inspired with what to wear. And it is this that I am looking at, with these people's names to stretch the imagination to realise that actually all is not quite as it seems. The truth might not be what we are told and sold.

'We want to support climate refugees and when their environment is taken away from them, is degraded totally, they will die. They try to leave, they have to leave but there is no where to go. It's the same as the shoes that trap the girl. And so this stance is a metaphor about climate refugees and animals of course. And this is what the models that were supposed to look like animals trapped in the headlights, they were supposed to look like.'

All the models are women. Their faces are grey as if dead. Some have red colour that could be depicting blood. In wars women and children are being raped. Women's voices have been silenced and history shows that women who are the bringers of new life in this world, have been moved from the home of their origins 'people are relocated in population exchanges'. So there is no where to go and return to. We are living in a society far from our roots and do not know our heritage.

The ladies wearing tartan are a reminder of Scotland and there are so many different tartan weaves it is difficult to find out which this is from. As a young child, my mother dressed me in Royal Stewart Tartan. This might have been deliberate or instinctive. After her paralysis she mainly wore long tartan skirts, although she had other colour weaves too.

Scotland is named after Scotia an Egyptian Princess, daughter of the Pharoah. Nova Scotia means New Scotia. There are men who want to justify a royal birthright to rule by a DNA connection to the Egyptian Kings, there are a large percentage of men from Europe with this haplogroup. Since the ancient times the Spiritual Key is given to the Princess - the High Princess. The Virgin Mary was a High Priestess, consecrated to the Temple. She was born a Royal High Princess.

Pictured leaving, 'Lily left with the pale face paint from the show and wrapped her voluminous hair in a red pashmina.' If we consider that civilisation began in the Garden of Eden, it is possible that Lily influenced by Greek and Asian influence, drawing from her own genetic memory? Notice the orbs in the photograph. China came to mind. Is the fabric used in this outfit China silk by any chance? Actually nothing is by chance. The colour 'burnt orange' is similar colour to the car that was mysteriously overturned in London. Fortunately the lady was not hurt. Texas is known as burnt orange nation. Just guided to see burnt orange ottoman - a storage container, the Ottoman empire iis where so many millions of people have been moved from to different parts of the world.

Peace, love and best wishes

Pauline Maria

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