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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 6 September 2013

You Can Speak Out about Secret Court Corruption

An important announcement has been declared for all:

'In a landmark ruling, Sir James Munby said parents of children taken into care must no longer be gagged by the courts and the public should be told what social workers are up to. Sir James, who is president of the Family Division of the High Court, said there was a ‘pressing need’ for the workings of the family courts to be opened to public view and the arguments for scrutiny and public accountability were compelling. '

For too long the peoples voices have been silenced.

Family Court Lawyers deal with, Divorce & Separation, Civil Partnerships, Child Contact and Residence Disputes, Pension Splitting, Domestic Violence and inheritance.

Quote 'Secret UK family courts are corrupt with unqualified experts stealing children + In the best interests of the child "But it's a lie"'

There is a HUGE concern in relation to what is happening in the Family Courts. There are parents in battles using their children as pawns. Through professional training, attending child protection courses, and knowing Social workers provided insight to ethical procedure. In reality this is not being applies. Neglect and abuse is taking place by officials - not by everyone.

The fact is children taken and put in care are traumatised by the experience. Separation from the mother can be profoundly damaging to a child's psychological and emotional development.

It becomes paramount for parents to wake up and be responsible for their children. If adults are not protecting children the nanny state officials step in and there was a time when Social service have exercised authority over the court. The British press publish isolated cases of missing children. Many thousands of children go missing every year and never seen again. Silence!

Satanic Ritual abuse is diminished to the degree this is happening too. Tony Blair put media blackout on Satanic Rituals and children being murdered in rituals. The Queen knows what is going on. The Supreme Head of the Church of England knows of evil yet her Ministers are silent too.

Lawyer Jo Shaw resigns from the Liberal Democrats over the issue of secret courts and the Lib Dem leadership handling of the Justice and Security Bill. 'This bill provides neither Justice or Security and attacks fundamental principals which underpin our justice system - openness and fairness to both parties. The Justice and Security Bill sets the government above the law, shutting out the Civilian opposition, from knowing the case they must meet in order to obtain the truth about their torture and their kidnap. It attacks our basic constitutional rights and it directly contradicts the core values of our party, fairness, freedom and openness.


The other day a 12 year old boy said to me he did not like David Cameron, My reply was you do not even know the man. He said 'That man is a dictator he reminds me of HITLER' - I felt sick that he would even say this and yet was this child warning me of something?

Then learning a couple have had their children taken away from them - people I have spoken with, is a concern. I have been telling parents for years, protect your children!

The Secret court was approved by the Queen in Parliament. So all the abuses that are taking place and removal of the children from parents is being done in her name - and her heirs and successors. The reason why this Secret Court has been set up is shown to be profit making. However it appears to be far more sinister. This is also likely a distraction to a far bigger agenda.

Intimidation of a number of officials and uniformed police, while a child is being removed from a property. People are now recording the crimes are being committed by officials.

With a vast funding pot to access and no accountability, you can be sure that there are agencies set up to deal with the distribution of foster and adoption funding. From what is being witnessed it seems that EVERY CASE needs close examination with evidence that is dishonest appearing in courts that contribute to children being removed from their parents and in this way.

Children are being harmed and abused. Children being neglected too. As parents are not in stable committed relationships, prioritising children's welfare and well being, when a relationship fails it is the children who suffer too. As long as people mess up their lives and the baby sitter nanny state is going to take over 'the hand that rocks the cradle' might not be nice at all.

Most officials do not care about the people. They are living in a bubble with their preoccupations - in their job is to be paid. If England was spiritually awakened nation, officials would refuse to cause loss harm and suffering to anyone. There would be no injustice at all.

'Sir James, who is president of the Family Division of the High Court (pictured), said the removal of children from their families has become the most drastic matter judges deal with'

The Judgement a Judge makes is ON HIS SHOULDERS. If he makes the wrong decision he is accountable. He is obliged to put wrongs right. It is not OK for any lawyer or judge to contribute to the downfall of anyone. A country where people no longer highly prize marriage and family unity is all part of the course progressively over time, with laws to the people's detriment 'for the overlord'

The introduction of birth certificates that did not include the father's name served to ensure that no child in future in England could claim succession for the throne. It also then, like now confuses people when future generations might have children their half siblings. As people are talking of the interbreeding of the royal family, the same is going on in society NOW! This in the long term will contribute further to degeneration, with disorders that arise from this.

It was a calculated move to get people to reject their Human Rights and the price is being paid. As people do not know their human rights, they become powerless. If you have money and a house where the lawyers get paid, they might help you 'so they can be paid' If you lose a case you still have to pay the legal bill. The system has shown how corrupt it is instead of fulfilling it's obligation in being in Breach of Contract and paying up. They set up another law corporation.

There is so much criminal activity that is taking place by officials that contribute to injustice. It is time for ALL ethical judges and lawyers to stand up and show who you are. If officials refuse to prosecute corrupt officials evil will escalate and England is not a safe country.

With now the big brother spying, internally officials are being closely watched too. There is now no where that people are not recorded, even telephones and computer activity. When the system is working to protect the people, we are going to see a large number of officials in jail.

The problem is the police refuse to prosecute crimes, then all the human rights abuses taking place are going to escalate. Greed and the hunger for power is the driving factor so many people who have become blind to see what has been happening. Greed is a sign of an impoverished soul.

Having communicated with John Aster a couple of years ago, he is living in Australia and this is one of the Queen Elizabeth's Commonwealth Nations, where she is Head of State.

People are discovering from their experience that by right they can speak out about their experience. John, he is using his experience to inform other people. One of the major areas is to identify the crimes that are taking place. Confront officials they run and hide. Officials do not even know the law. When Criminals get off on a 'technicality' it is because Police are negligent in their administration process. Lawyers hate police and police hate lawyers. There is a very sick twisted and very evil power game played out in a courtroom with the people being the pawns.

Amy Johnson speaks about perjury by social services - cick on the video link to find out more about her situation. It is a long video, you might want to listen to at some point.

People having their lives destroyed, children taken from the homes is being done as a finanicial racket 'in secret courts'/ Take a good look at officials who make a living causing so much distress and breaking up families. This is truly diabolical. No care, no conscience.

With Big Brother spying, it is unknown if this is recorded from a camera, a computer or within the television there is capability to record what is happening too. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is happening. As time progresses more people will speak out.

There are people living on the streets, many have been through the 'care' system who were neglected and abused, and then the system failed them as adults. The multilayered structures in the British system is now being exposed with gross negligence and crimes taking place by officials.

There are lawyers fleesing people and then dropping them when they run out of cash. The is in family law cases. One lady handed over almost £18,000 savings cash. Another man handed over £20,000 and then the lawyer said he wanted £25,000. Lawyers need to get back to school to Learn The Law!

With more man made laws for profit - people have been losing their rights. Officials are scared to speak out and there are cameras everywhere, monitioring our every move. That is OK. I am sharing and researching, so ethical officials speak out. Listen to the Ethical Experts Voices

There are people so scared to speak out about their court experiences - the abuse and the lies. The pressure by lawyers and expert witnesses to say one thing or another, if it is Not Truth, this comes under the banner of perverting the course of justice - a very serious crime indeed. The moment I was threatened for speaking out, I spoke louder. The Anti-Christ does not Rule Over God.

In Switzerland there are a number of lawyers in prison 'who got greedy'. The English system is not going to endure where spoken law is applied and making up the rules as they go along. International Law applies in England 'this little island we are living on. Eventually the corrupt legal system in England is going to collapse and the 'intelligent people around the world' are watching.

In the meantime an ethical legal system must take place.

My regret is not studying law to prosecute officials and provide A FREE SERVICE to get the innocent people out of prison. A few years ago I was asked to be a director of a law company, then because of my position speaking out, perhaps they got scared. Weak spineless lawyers who refuse to serve Justice also reject all the warning signs. A solution was stated openly and ignored.

We live in a world where people believe they are small instead of knowing their roots and their God Given Rights. If officials have forgotten then it is for people to remind them. Official watch their family dying of cancer and the wars killing innocent people for cold blooded vikings.

The Assembly of the Lord relates to the Royal Court of Justice - The Spiritually Crowned Head of The Church of God is Supposed to be the Protector of the People.

The PERVERSION of the Laws of God has been deliberate.

All that was 'great about Britain' has been flushed down the toilet and that has been done by the officials. How can a country be great that keeps people down and oppressed? British people have been taught to hate and reject foreigners to go fight in wars for their kings. British people are told that Muslims are the antichrist - NO! Every Muslim waits for Jesus Christ to return.

British people have been lied to by master manipulators.

When Queen Elizabeth was crowned, she took a solemn oath to uphold Justice and her promise that Justice will be done with mercy - She is accountable to God and SO AM I? Her ministers repeatedly say she is anointed by God - is this a script said with the family? Or, are her minister's making sure that people know that Wizard wand wavers in her family are not anointed by God?

When a couple get married in a church, the wedding vow includes 'Who God has joined together let no man part' - This actually refers to lawyers dividing people and families.

People have been ROBBED of real spiritual understanding.

Sir James Munby Stated 'Parents must be given the freedom to criticise judges, the courts and social workers, and the Press must be free to report what has happened without the interference of judges, Sir James added. The break-up of families by the state must no longer happen in secret, on the pretext of protecting the children involved.'

Sir James has made one of the most important 'official' statements in his position officially is an authority over the court and he has stated that no more must secrets be kept. So people shout louder and speak out ' The monster most people fear is often in their imagination. However, be careful of worshiping false idols. The devil does not have visible horns'.

A CPS insider reveals "secret rules" that corrupt "Child Protection Services" Inc.

'Secret Rules - Secret Ruler' who is Ruling by deception.

May this be the start of more ethical professionals speaking out. The British Judges are evidently blind to Cause Injustice and refuse redress to sincere Servants of God. (THE CROWN HAS BEEN STOLEN) If a Judge knows REAL crimes are taking place by officials, yet does nothing about it, he must examine why now. To whom are lawyers taking their oath? Who is Over The Court?

The Head of the UK Family court has spoken out - Who is next?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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