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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Jesus Message 6th December 2017 Lord of Justice

Sometimes when hearing spiritually the words of the Lord, they are just to take notice of with being guided for a specific purpose, perhaps that day. Then there are times when the message is evidently with a greater meaning...

On 6th December, while resting, just with opening my eyes hearing words that indicate a message from the Lord. It was 11:45 am

'And the LORD who is fighting with us (for us) is not against us'

 Knowing there are scriptures that will validate this message, I  was also being guided to look for the words 'the LORD said to my Lord'...afterwards.

Deciding with this message, to focus on Jesus , I ask Jesus to tell me what he wants me to know and understand - writing each an every word. God is the Spirit of the Lord, within Jesus Christ so keep, this in mind too. 

The message and spiritual experience is written to begin at 11:45 am and end at 12:20 pm where scriptures can be identified, and/or information that is in this message identified to see if written to be validating the gospels too.

This message is regarded as personal revelation...

My dear one, you are tired and worn out again. Your spirit is low and depleted with all the negative energy around you and you must clear the way now. Clear the way that you may breathe with ease. Clear the clutter of  your mind and heart. Clear your life of pointless conversations. Clear your life of people who are not serving your life in a positive way. 
I will restore your losses in a fold of a page. 
You will see that more will come to you in writing then you imagined possible. Make way for the new. Make way of the one who loves you. 
Make way for me in your life as I have promised to you as you promised me something for a long time. 
Make way for the Lord of Righteousness returning.
Make way for the Lord  of Justice is coming and all your sorrow and tears will be wiped away, gone forever. 
My people wait and cry and they do not know I will come to them, but I will go where I am expected to a people who are ready for me and my arrival will not be with blasts of trumpets and pomp and ceremony those who pretend to serve me expect. 
I will come with lowliness and the innocence of a lamb with love for my people and my people love you too for all you have done.
Help me dear one. Do not be put off by those who say you should not write or teach. How can you teach what you do not know or understand?
I am the revealer or truth to you and told you to write for me, I did not write my word and yet I instructed people to before now too.
They who want to own me cannot. 
God cannot be owned and controlled to be used as a weapon to harm anyone. Tell them this
God did not give divine permission to rule anyone. Tell them this too.
God did not forgive the traitors to the people. Tell them this too.
You did not forgive everyone because you considered the seriousness of the crime and this was a test placed before you.
Can you forgive a man who commits murder in war?
Can you forgive who murders at the alter of God? 
Should you at all?
Let me tell you dear one; When Abraham was tested he hear a voice from an angel in heaven to stop him killing his first born son. Then a ram appeared and was the sacrifice instead.
Abraham followed instruction and tradition but could have got it wrong and an innocent child dead. He could have become the murderer of his son and yet he took the life of the ram instead.
The Israelites  are not to kill the Israelites yet the enemy of the people know by whatever means the reduction of people reduces the change of one to rise up and lead the people to God again. 
The enemy thrives  with war and yet who is going to battle for the poor defenceless widow? She will be lost and alone, like a slave to the rich and powerful. For as long as she is in misery and useful they will keep that energy alive. The enemy thrives in struggle,  poverty, sorrow fear and hate. 
Well the Lord God Almighty will change all that. 
The one who loves his people is here and he who changes everything will find that all God has created can be changed back again. 
New Jerusalem is come!
New Jerusalem rise up for who you are is clothed in righteousness. 
New Jerusalem where are you now?
Lift up your heart and mind people. Look beyond this world towards the Throne in Heaven for the Lord of Righteousness is not the enemy of his people.
The Lord of Righteousness does not kill his people.
The Lord of Righteousness does not oppress the people. 
The Lord of Righteousness does not deny justice for a bribe.
My Royal handmaiden tell them this and then they will know who you are. 
Warn and warn. Invite repentance and repair.
They must repair the breach in the law.
They must work righteously for the people or they will fall. 
This all happened before. The arrogant rulers were humbled
They tried to kill me to silence the truth. 
They rejected God for man's rule instead'

Jesus said to them, “How then does David in the Spirit call Him Lord? For he says: The Lord said to my Lord, "Sit at My  right hand until I put Your enemies  under Your feet." Matthew 22:43-33) 

In the previous revelation I did not document the detail of all revealed scriptures relating to the time. In particular connected with 11:45.  It is written:

One of the experts in the law answered him, “Teacher, when you say these things, you insult us also.
Jesus replied, “And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.
“Woe to you, because you build tombs for the prophets, and it was your ancestors who killed them. So you testify that you approve of what your ancestors did; they killed the prophets, and you build their tombs
Because of this, God in his wisdom said, ‘I will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and others they will persecute.’Therefore this generation will be held responsible for the blood of all the prophets that has been shed since the beginning of the world, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who was killed between the altar and the sanctuary. Yes, I tell you, this generation will be held responsible for it all.
“Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.” (Luke 11:45-52)

For I am afraid that when I come I may not find you as I want you to be, and you may not find me as you want me to be. I fear that there may be discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, slander, gossip, arrogance and disorder. (2 Corinthians 12:20)

Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy. (Proverbs  12:20)

But If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him something to drink. For in so doing you will be heaping fiery coals on his head. (Romans 12:20)

Notice something:  NEW Jerusalem mentioned three times.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Word Spirit of the Lord 5th & 6th December 2017

This message was published by myself on Facebook in the order as presented. It was not intended to be in reverse, but sometimes I am delaying writing because of being too tired to write, distracted or it is on my to do

In this article I did not search for all the scriptures to quote, however I do encourage you to notice especially now your own experiences. Take note - write down detail of dreams and when as shown here, words that are evidently not your own mind, but the Holy Spirit of the Lord, note the time too.

Today, 6th December 2017 at 11.45am hearing spiritually:
'And the LORD who is fighting with us (for us) is not against us'

With the time 11:45 scriptures were identified too

Leviticus 11:45
Luke 11:45-52
Now another scripture was revealed to continue from a previous revelation provided the day before.

Read Daniel 10:10-21


On 5th December 2017 at 5:23pm hearing in the spirit the following:


Looking to see what is written about 'lifting the veil' in the scriptures - using Google to type precisely the revealed words specific scriptures have been identified this way.

2 Corinthians 3:8 as it is found written:

'Lifting the Veil
The Government of Death, its constitution chiseled on stone tablets, had a dazzling inaugural. Moses’ face as he delivered the tablets was so bright that day (even though it would fade soon enough) that the people of Israel could no more look right at him than stare into the sun. How much more dazzling, then, the Government of Living Spirit?'

'so that everyone may honor the Son as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.' (John 5:23)

Daniel 10:1-21 discovered to be revealing accordingly to validate.

These messages were not intentionally to be published back to front, however, all the messages that have been given to me, have all been relevant as they were given to understand - as I was capable to comprehend....

And sometimes as with the 'lifting of the veil', it is necessary to look beyond what is also being spoken in the given and already written word.

Lifting the Veil pertains to REVELATION..meaning revealing what is hidden or not clear before and yet now being made clear...This is the same for the Apocalypse. Lifting the veil to see clearly. God is doing this now!

By no coincidence in some Holy Bibles the Book of Revelation is named and in others the book is named Apocalypse. We are in the time of lifting the veil now.

 Image may contain: 1 person

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Child Abuse Cover Up MET Police Whistleblower

Published 29th July 2016. Quoting as written:

 In a courageous and explosive audio interview with UK Column "Despatches from the Front", a Metropolitan Police Detective Constable child protection specialist takes the lid off the scale of child abuse, trafficking and prostitution in London and UK. This criminal conspiracy seeks to deceive the public and stop the truth emerging in every possible way. Young children taken from care, stolen, picked up on the street, groomed for sex, drugged, sickened with serious disease, or dying in the gutter are shown to be the worthless play things of powerful people - the same people who run Britain, and the very authorities supposedly protecting families, society and the weak and vulnerable. John''s courage deserves that everyone listening to his testimony circulates it and demands action.

A Britain run by those who protect child abusers and murders is shown to be the sickening reality, but a far more dangerous future lurks beneath the surface as this criminal British State, unchecked, grabs yet more power over families and children by the day. 

The direct link to access the Youtube video

When a population reject God and his chosen one Lord Jesus Christ, unaware of the laws that protect us all - they easily allow tyranny to rule over them.

There are commands regarding any king that is set over the people and when this law is corrupted - with oaths of loyalty to those who are not born to rule over God's people - this is how easily evil thrives and can manifest too.

We are living in the time of the apocalypse - revelation, where what is happening behind closed  doors is being revealed. Not everyone is named yet some are. I have asked openly to people, face to face, if you must choose now:

Either Jesus Christ OR William and Kate Middleton?

Many people are scared to choose Jesus ...a bad sign!

As more becomes apparent - another personal revelation message was given too. This  I will be sharing too for you to read and contemplate.

To work as a police officer is not an evil profession. To be willing to do evil in any profession breaks the trust for all, and changes the perception of the people for  a structure that should serve to assist in a time of need - our need.

On the side of police vehicles - recall reading 'Fighting Crime - Protecting People', It is necessary for ALL police as people to review their personal position and role as human beings. I am sure many police have cried recent years.

If a Queen is chosen by God as implied Elizabeth II is - and when the police are abusing and oppressing people - they do so in her name. They have taken oath to serve the Queen. If  this oath of loyalty to serve The Queen (unnamed) AND her heirs and successors, something might be wrong. God does not choose all family members  of a flawed illegitimate bloodline to rule over HIS People.

Tyranny easily thrives when God is rejected.

The human heart is so fragile and today, hearts are being challenged to face so much suffering - horrific activities are dealt with by the police. So many horrific situations, death, abuse, terror, trauma - this affects their mind too.

A man who was certainly meant to be instrumental in speaking out: the credible voice of a police officer who witnessed much of what has been going on with cover ups in the UK  cannot be ignored. The children and adults who have 'survived' - were not killed, who experienced first hand these experiences  are speaking out too. Officials who keep quiet so they can continue to be paid and get their pension....remember, your silence cost me my livelihood.

The police refusing to work for justice, did not consider millions of people suffer more when they are prevented to gain help  to assist healing.

The police  refusing to work for justice did not consider, their job might require to oppress, persecute and prosecute innocent people, even to terrorise and traumatise adults andchildren with raids and taking children into 'care'. Many dishonest testimonies contribute to these diabolical acts.

When injustice is the norm Tyranny thrives too.

The police who take oaths to Satanists - if they have done so, are working under the power of Satan. Those who belong to God - are we silent? Look what is going on now. A faith revival is taking place in our world today too.

The royal illegitimate bloodline is NOT chosen by God to rule over the family belonging to Christ or the Israelites either -> That rebellious house.

Mafia have no right to rule..Police think about this!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Friday, 8 December 2017

British Royal Family Cover-Ups Abuse Power

In the release of any information that is relevant to know, credible information comes from credible sources and resources. There is no point speculating. Truth comes from truth and there are those who are privy to the truth.

While sharing a video interview titled :

British Royal Family complicit in UK child abuse cover-ups. Former Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret 

More information is written underneath the video posted.

In revisiting some of my earlier articles, I notice there are  a few videos that are no longer uploaded. It is not certain if some little followers who operate in an official capacity are getting these removed, but truth does not change.

Abuse of power is with tyranny and as people blindly trust those that are not convincingly serving Christ in truth, it is with ignorance and rejection of God that allows blatant God mockers, whoever they are, to be tyrannical too.

As there is no law to prevent the media lying - the truth is going tobe found  by locating actual testimonies of survivors of abuse or officials who are compelled to speak the truth because they actually know what is going on.

As  for abuse of power, officials know the truth too.

However if officials take oaths of loyalty to the Queen, her heirs and successors, that does not mean they are serving the people in truth too..

We have all been warned. Worship God alone, not false idols. We have also been told not to fear those who can kill the body too....


Peace be with you

Pauline Maria











International Ritual Child Sacrifice, Torture Trafficking

Following on from a dream documented a few days ago, the visual impression is given that the end of the road is now. The truth is longer silenced. Satanic Ritual Abuse and Human Sacrifice, Ritual Murders and all the other diabolical goings on are now being taken very seriously and being exposed (by officials).

The following testimony is naming public figures with the detail being brought forth, with the exposure is certainly not for the faint hearted.

This lady speaks in detail about her childhood experiences - as a survivor of horrific experiences. Credible testimonies will always be with exposing the truth from personal experience. Witness testimonies are from those who see! 

Indeed is has become apparent, with calculated cover ups, silencing truths and protecting certain people by whatever means, there are other sinister tactics that include scaring people, 'accidents that happen; implied death threats and even in the attempts to silence the truth, people are killed too.

A great number of journalists have been killed and a great number of whistleblowers are blacklisted  too. Whistleblowers are people who are directly to learn of experience including ethical trained professionals. 

Still the truth cannot be silenced or even denied now.

There is much hush and speculation to who is involved in Satanism and these most diabolical rituals today and it is pointless speculating. What is most vital is to protect yourself - and prayer is given for that reason too. It is also important to know one day all the evil will be brought to an end.

First the revelation. revealing of what is really happening.

To survive such experiences even to communicate, openly at times with difficulty facing the repulsion and traumatic experience is surely very brave. 

This lady provides detail of what happened to her, where and who was involved. The testimony will be difficult for many to hear and digest.  When we consider there is an unknown statistic of children being molested, raped, tortured and killed in ritual abuse even today - is this world really a safe place?

With chaos and confusion  playing out in political news media reports, we can wonder if this is masking something else being exposed. Perhaps this and much more. In the meantime as people are waking up so the enemy of the people is taking this world to a very dark place..We have been warned why too
One of the most difficult dilemmas is to bring to light the truth of what has been happening behind closed doors. Satanism has been fiercely protected and also silenced for whatever reason and even many reasons. No more!

Fear of consequence in speaking out - fear of exposing the perpetrators who will likely be perceived as very powerful people/ institutions, would intimidate many people. Speaking out breaks that cycle of fear - at least starts to.

Satanic Ritual Abuse will no longer be silenced

As more and more survivors of abuse speak out, children and adults have found a greater number of people believing and lending support and encouragement in their healing too. This is a time to end the silent suffering.

The system with officials protecting the perpetrators involved in these diabolical acts can find that they are easily under the influence of the same.

Such testimonies are a reminder that all people are quite as they seem. People heavily promoted as respectable pillars in society, might not be so.

Anyone quick to negate and silence Satanic ritual abuse would raise concern as to why they would silence the truth. Who/what are they protecting?

When any therapist is discussing Satanism and Satanic Ritual Abuse, concerns it is likely they have knowledge of such diabolical activities going on.  This is not the same as personal testimony providing recalled experience. No longer will the truth be silenced and people have every right to be informed of dangers.

People must consider who they give loyalty oaths too.

These rituals are as I was told carried out by people to gain and maintain power and there is a murderous mindset who believe they are untouchable. We are now in a time where tyranny thrives masked with smiles. Be-aware!

Drowning out the voices of brave people speaking about their experiences, does not silence the truth. In the Eyes of God, the truth is already known.

When survivors speak out as adults - with hearing their inner self describing childhood experience, rationalising takes place too, or at least trying to.  The freedom to explore these experiences. without judgement is vital.

Silencing the victim of abuse can actually hinder healing too.  The inner self becomes stronger by releasing that which weakens and debilitates.

It just takes one person to speak out for other people to do the same. 
When people are ready they will speak out. Often when people feel compelled to say something it is because they can no longer cope bearing their experiences. However knowing other adults and children are in danger, survivors might speak out to warn other people too. Never pressure anyone to speak out before they are ready because this is taking away their power and free will.

There is a multilevel global healing need with endless cover ups hindering this being possible.This is not being ignored. The system that has calculated to keep the truth silenced, might masquerade to provide healing too.

People feel they can talk about the dead Satanists - yet remain scared to name who are alive. There will come a time when silence will be broken too.

Let the voices be heard of those who know the truth.

This video was published 5th May 2014

Toos of the family Nijenhuis is a 54 year old Dutch lady.
'According to Toos, she was ritually raped and tortured from the age of 4 years old by her parents, family doctor, and the minister of the local church. 
Toos has also been trafficked all over the world with many other children, some of whom were murdered in terrible ways. Toos described various acts of sexual abuse and torture, as well as being made to partake in human hunting games at castles all over Europe, Wales and Scotland. 
Perhaps the most shocking part of this tale, is that in the list of names given by Toos, were the highest members of royalty and church.
This case is being documented and entered into evidence in the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State's European office, to be used as evidence in future hearings.'

Just to give you an idea how tightly protected people are, Paedophile rings suggest Satanic Ritual circles...rings - circles..

Mystery royal 'was part of suspected paedophile ring being investigated by Scotland Yard but the inquiry was shut down for national security reasons'

  • Officer said royal and MP both identified in child abuse inquiry in late 1980s
  • Investigations into allegations 'shut down for national security reasons'
  • Scotland Yard accused of engineering 14 cover-ups of VIP child sex abuse

Years ago I met with a lady who spoke about a date with a doctor in London. He said had to go back to the flat to change, while she waited in the lounge. She noticed in the lounge tapes and other evidence of child porn and she realised by the  sickening feeling she needed to get out quickly and fled.

The lady called the police to report what she saw and insisted they investigate. She was told it was better for her if she forgets she saw anything.,..They were not going to investigate. If I recall this was in Paddington.

The lady told me a few men shared this flat.  
Those who silence the truth become part of the problem. The people who feel compromised in their official capacity to speak out because of loyalty oaths, consider what happened in history. Consider what is foretold too.

This is written in the scriptures :

Temptations and Trespasses
But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world for the causes of sin. These stumbling  blocks must come, but woe to the man through whom they come. (Matthew 18:7)

If it is possible on your part, live at peace with everyone. Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God's wrath. For it is written: Vengeance is Mine, I will repay says the Lord" (Romans 12:18-19)


Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Carine Hutsebaut - Paedofilic Networks – victims & offenders – Satanism Rituals

Following on to a dream with the heads of dead people found in a bath with what might be the Military Police investigation...I decided to find a specific video interview to share - a therapist sharing her personal experience of Satanic Ritual Abuse as a child and who was involved...some prominent names too.

Well delay in sharing this, was meant to be.

First I want to share another video found today.
The truth is no longer silenced, and all the warnings will mostly fall on deaf ears. It is impossible to ignore that everyone in some position of power knows what is going on..and there are those who are too scared to speak out. They who are silent might fear consequence, fear death, fear even fear itself...fear of rejection by God fear of having no protection whatsoever. Still the truth cannot be silenced...Understand what is really happening and understand why. Yes, You are being enslaved; blinded from the truth.

Carine Hutsebaut is a psychotherapist and criminologist from Belgium. She has attended numerous sessions as a ‘profiler’, worked for more than 30 years as a therapist for violated children and has worked with paedophiles.

She has met some of society’s worst criminals in prison (including the FBI centre in Quantico, USA, which was made famous by the film Silence of the Lambs). Her reasoning was to try to understand the way they think and act. She is also the founder of ICMAC (the International Centre for Molested and Abducted Children) and she has written a number of books in Dutch, French and English.

Carine Hutsebaut will be talking about interacting with criminals and their victims (and even sometimes their families), and why it is so important to work with both parties. You cannot understand one without the other.

Carine Hutsebaut seems to be the only person in the world who works in this way. In the mainstream system, it is normal procedure for a therapist to choose sides, either siding with the victim or the offender, not both, which in her opinion is a big mistake. She will also be discussing crimes against children, from lighter offences to torture and murder.

Other topics that she will be discussing are paedophilic networks and rituals, Satanism and power, money and gratification, blackmail and bribery.

The video is a lengthily discussion that provides so much insight that identifies human behaviour of paedophiles and murderers,  as well as reactions from victims. It becomes necessary in depth psychotherapy to assist healing and change of behaviour to not ignore the obvious, to be willing to understand the person and what they do, examining why..... to ask questions, to delve and to probe while observing reactions too - Carine uses the term interrogate...

Direct link to the video
Some of what is discussed will be difficult to hear, however, to ignore the truth, might be remaining in blindness where you ignore voices crying out.

The problem is not going away. This cannot be ignored!

We live in dangerous times. Evil is thriving too.

Addressing any problem and illness means identifying the root cause. The obvious is presented just with the above and the unholy influence.

To empower anyone who has been abused, requires to listen to their experience and believe, to be willing to allow the expression of truth and shame felt.

Too many people are scared to seek help.

Suffering in silence is not healthy for anyone.

Abusers know they get away with their violations until they are exposed. England appears to have had a policy to keep protecting paedophiles 'at the top' and so they are protecting the Satanists and Satanic system too.

Keeping truths sealed until pedophiles die is calculated. When truth comes out with people singing praises of the illusory figure promoted, those who have been brainwashed by the illusion might reject the truth, preferring the lie instead.

The truth about people we think we know at  some point often shatters illusions. Even family can prove to be as strangers, when we cannot comprehend in their ways, choices and reactions..even if the signs are there all along.

The nice guy who turns out to be an abuser, many women know and experience, not seeing the warning signs. Now there is another concern even greater, the sexual preditor and even warning the obvious is often ignored too,

So I share this video as a woman with a little bit of insight, also as a trained psychotherapist who was prevented to progress in my chosen intention, only to be realising by being on the internet, there is a multilayered global healing need that needs to be addressed...fear to access help, can be debilitating.

To keep any people in a place of suffering knowingly is also with the perpetrator of abuse knowing exactly what they do...The thriving of a Satanic regime is with keeping a people in a place of inferiority and even in  fear too.

There is a murderous mindset that exists and Carine expresses how when the first killing takes place, there might  even be slight remorse. However, when like in these times masses of innocent people murdered, there is also no remorse whatsoever. ...actors on the world stage know what they do.

Those who gain positions of power by death, might be willing or even might  be blackmailed. Unless the truth is being spoken we really do not know.

The government are not protecting the people and cannot!

The truth can no longer be silenced...

Do not allow the next generation to be oppressed and enslaved by that which is perpetuating and thriving with protecting the most diabolical acts.

Ethical professionals speak out, because they are obliged to. Carine does not speak because she is paid. She has written books...

As a trained ethical professional I am unpaid..What I did not expect was being called for a purpose, with Christ reminding me he is alive and instructed to write so to remind people that there is an unholy rule over the people too.

If the overlords of the people hate people, abuse with flourish in society too. And when the lust for power is so great with masses of people murdered in human sacrificed for some unholy demonic being, it is time to wake up.

Britons should never be slaves...but they are!

Geographically  no one should be enslaved..

No one should be scared of anyone...

In fact anyone who works in any positions of responsibility should be scared of violating the people....The kings who set themselves, to fear God.

Time is short with evil thriving...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Dream Military Police Men (Green Uniform) & Women in Blood- Bath

While listening to another video posted by Christopher, I drifted off as if to sleep and yet it was 'as if' taken to another time and place. His video about demons is not published here without listening all the way through first.

There are two parts of my dream experience.

In the first part, I came face to face with a woman - not recalling detail or even the conversation. Recognising her face, I did not expect to see her. Asking where she was staying - she named a road, neither do I recall this.

The lady was on a bike. I told her she must read my blog post. At that moment in the dream I recognised her as Rhonda Empson -(already writing her name on my facebook page to grab her attention to the video posted previously)

The connection was shown to me to be relevant.

Christopher's video revealed the coming world war WWIII and the US. I had just seen Rhonda's video where she heard a gunshot near her head and the Lord told her to go to THE CHAPEL. Describing her dream I wondered, is he preparing her, 'Chapel of Rest' - There was more to this dream...

What we cannot ignore, 'Christ says come to me and I will give you rest'. We also have been warned of 'wars and rumours of wars too'..

The dream revealed to ME was not expected.

It was as if observing a scenario that seemingly lasted only seconds. Appearing daylight outside, dry not sunny, the scenario location is somewhere.

As area of grass perhaps 12' x 12' - (less, or slightly more) like an ISLAND on a road had a hollowed effect 'as if' a landslide had taken place. As looking on there was a roadway (or runway) ahead to the distance.



HOLLOWED - un - holy

A man with fair hair was seen standing inside the crevice - I will describe this hollow to be. He was face to face with a man in a dark green pristinely pressed officer's military dress. Perhaps Military Police. My attention noticed the pleats on the side of his jacket. The officer was wearing  a flat cap.

On the higher road level, two other officers wearing the same military attire, were watching on. I did not see their faces.  They were light skinned.

FACELESS MILITARY...Hidden Military/Secret Military/Secret Police.


As if the same location, yet may have been somewhere else:

Clearly seen was a LARGE CREAM TIN BATH. Victorian style. Inside several heads - Caucasians - white people, with blond and light brown hair that might have all been women. What looked like in that moment as dirty dark brown water, I realised when opening my eyes it was BLOOD.

BLOODBATH then came to mind.

Bloodbath suggests mass killing. 

Now only this was revealed in the dream experience.

The scriptures write what is hidden will also be revealed.

Is this dream revealing what is happening in our world. Is murder actually being questioned, why is this happening? We do not know,. God knows!

"For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light. Luke 8:17

My dream revealed as explained in Day Light.

It is impossible to say these men in uniform were responsible for the killing of the people in the bath, or the fair haired man...The heads seen above the water appeared as  if they could have all been women. Again I do not know

The bath shape I observed was as if looking downwards and onwards. It was seen on a lower level somewhere not the most obvious location. The bath was not out in the open, it appeared as if partly hidden - shaded.

Shady often refers to something not legal or right.

As revealed, perhaps a discovery has been made!

Dreams can be with distortions to highlight truths, also I cannot ignore this bath existing somewhere too. Or there being a bloodbath - a killing of a group of people who by their hair, I am inclined to consider were women,

After noting down the details  -I wondered if the death was connected to Satanic ritual. Then I went to sleep. In the writing of this article, thinking back to what was shown, I do not know if the heads were people beheaded.

All I could see were heads above the brown liquid.

There were around 10 heads....they appeared female.

Were these women beheaded? - again I really do not know.

What is revealed clearly and recalled I share openly.

As God is precise: The Spirit of God reveals His Truth too. Now for any horrific  scene to be shown, it did not appear to shock me in the dream. There is a part of our inner being that is protected from feeling fear when dreaming.

There is a scripture that refers to ten kings in the end times given power for a short time. This came to mind again, with the number  association.

In the dream -I was observing as if there..Because the dream was seen without incomprehensible distortions - for instance, the giant cream coloured tin bath could already be made, other details revealed were accepted as shown - with the identification of all the revealed symbolism - this is being made known.

WHY TIN? Tin actually came to mind.

There are TIN MINES...

Is this location connected to a TIN MINE, I really cannot say because I do not know. However in the detail of symbolism and what is revealed, perhaps truth is relayed. (Recalling TIN MINES in England and Jesus visiting here) With just finding this article (not sharing to recommend buying the book.

As I present all this information, it is what it is, not to be stirring up fear - but inviting you to consider what is really going on that is revealed.

What is the story behind the story in the news?

What is the REAL TRUTH of what is going on?

We are given dreams for a reason, not always clear. Many people do not dream at all, and many people have no recollection of dreams whatsoever.

While beheading is being highlighted in the news by ISIS - why this name, the name of a woman associated with witchcraft too..

Some time back I watched a video of a woman describing her experiences of witnessing children being beheaded - this took place in the context of Satanic Ritual and so, beheading is also shown be connected in ritual killing.

The exposure of Satanism in our world does not require millions  of dollars. Those who have been involved and speaking out should be allowed to express their truth  as survivors. What can the courts of law do? Nothing at all. If the courts are involved with silencing Satanism, this is part of the problem.

Who do the Judges actually serve and take their oath to?

Now regarding the TIN MINE..I just found this article, not suggesting in any way this is connected. However, the headlines grab my attention:

UNDERGROUND RUMBLINGS - After the UK's last tin mine closed, the regeneration experts moved in. Now its imminent reopening has led to tensions with those keen to leave the past behind. By John Crace

From a waking rational perspective to reason what is revealed, is it possible that a  bath has been made that would accommodate several people?

Consider  this - hot tubs that accommodate several people are for sale, so this possibility cannot be ignored either.  The knowledge of 'mass death by murder' and 'exposure of heads together' - is this actually located somewhere?

Is a Military Police investigation taking place?

So many questions...they are just put out there. I am not seeking answers as being made acutely aware of dark forces ruling this land in 1991/2012

In 1991 I was made aware of the Antichrist being born - not by external influence but by the Spirit of Truth that repeated about three times 'The Antchrist' that gave reason to ask someone 'what is the antichrist?'.

Most crimes are brought to the attention of the police by the public. Complex forensic evidence is gathered by professionals accordingly.

What is presenting spiritual dangers, we can only take up to God and pray that we be protected and guided in the right way in these difficult times.

Those involved in Satanic Rituals are known by those involved and it is not that this is being protected; people are TOO SCARED to speak out.

I cannot say I know this is taking place and X, y and Z are involved if I really do not know the truth and what I would say has no credible standing. So when peopel who are rising in their claims to fame are stating about people involved, or quoting what prominent people say - always ask for the evidence.

The Queen does not get up and speak openly about these matters but she surely knows what is going on. In what capacity - I have no understanding to know because I have never seen here. What I know is what is recorded only and preferably I seek to hear from the source. SHE wrote to my mother, I deduce from her knowing of my mothers paralysis, she knows much more.

This happened on the A666 - it is not as if I was not long prepared to know that evil is thriving especially with  a road known as the devils highway.

As horrific as this dream reveals an apparent mass murder taken place - the dream also reveals someone is being interviewed - but nothing could be heard whatsoever in  this dream. THE TRUTH IS BEING SILENCED.

However, it is in this way dreams, we are given to show that actual truth cannot be completely silenced, My dream revealed witnesses were present.

As an observer - I do not need to hear. My role was given to see. Yet when I hear, it is with training to hear precisely - what is important is remembered. Though if you expect me to recall a long dialogue, this I am unable to do.

Whenever I take notes they are not brief. And when I have to note down detail of audible dialogue and interaction between people, this I can do too. Perhaps I should be a law court transcriber via audible recording. In training in Counselling, detail is not just in the words, but what is being unsaid beyond the words; in Hypnotherapy training - soul consciousness awareness.

There are people who have memorised the bible word  for word. There are also people who easily memorise film scripts. To recall and recite has purpose. Now if in a court of law when truth is deliberately corrupted, the court is corrupted too. The English Court thrives with ignoring corruption of the law.

How can a complex horror of the present or past - with  Satanic Ritual murders  be made known if anything so people can protect themselves? 

A dream cannot be sufficient or even considered to be evidence in a court of law. However, if any discovery of dead bodies  and actual witness testimonies of mass murder, Satanic Ritual - even the tin bath that would have DNA just with close examination; there are tests that can detect human blood and type too.

What is shown - many people. Mixing up of blood. The people could be from Europe light skinned people. With being once a Germanic empire - people who have survived war and moved around, are people from somewhere.

What is happening, when people have blood transfusions there is also the mixing up of the blood type too - that what determines our ancestry and DNA. 

Do you take notice of your dreams? Do you write them down? If you decide to start to, write every detail you see and recall, what you  hear, if anything at all, also anything unusual. Note down what comes to mind too.

Also note date of the dream and the time if possible.

This dream took place on 29th November 2017. As I looked to the clock it was showing 6:32 when completing my notes, and the clock  had not been put back yet. So the time was actually 5:30 at the time.

These dreams are not meant to be ignored. Being faced with the most horrific discovery, I was also long prepared - to address this matter head on!

Just taking what I shared, some questions to consider:

The man in my dream was being faced and spoken to, I assume - Was he being questioned/interrogated by the military official?  - Was this to ask if he knew something? Was something else taking place? Was this dream to warn? Or was this dream to awaken and show that no longer is the truth silenced?

What was the real reason for this dream?

Was the man about to be facing his own death? And me as the dreamer, who has also suffered spiritual attack by the unseen with physical injury, life is far from easy and yet what can I do, be silent about what is revealed so clearly?

Revisiting the dream detail, to demonstrate, at least two other men in official uniform as the one below were WITNESSES watching on. On top of that was taking place - the scenario took place outside, therefore God the ALL SEEING AND ALL KNOWING is watching all under the heavens.

This dream is a reminder , even in the Military Police, there are levels of officers and the military follow orders. What is being done is known.

We are reminded of living in dark times. Those who gain and maintain power by availing themselves to dark forces, what can we do?

Can we still see the person behind the uniform?

Can the person in the uniform remain human?

Can anyone not be affected with  dealing with DEATH  and the most diabolical goings on when Satanic Ritual Abuse was being SILENCED in 2003. What else takes place beyond the ritual murders. Mass murders are diabolically influenced and/or willingly taking place when following orders to kill people.

Bath is named in UK...Why a cream coloured Bath was shown, the colour cream was clear too - not white. The bath was rounded edged with rolled top.

Mass murder - MASS relates to many and ritual.

Black mass: a ceremony in which the Devil is worshipped instead of the Christian God.

A final point about Wednesday that came to mind after noting down the day and time. WEDNESDAY A DAY OF WOE..

Looking up the date of the dream, this is a date where plans to commit death is shown to be recorded.   Significant births and deaths are noted too.

Have the military discovered several dead bodies 'heads' in a large cream coloured bath somewhere? We are highly unlikely to be informed for the people are not ready to know what is really going on in our world too.

Neither was I...and the antichrist is foretold too.

What is proving to be certain in what is being revealed in dreams, some are not only scripturally documented, we are living in times with the most diabolical goings on happening too. Still, we do not know who is serving who.

With writing, these articles are being read by people, including those who know far more than I know...These end times are long foretold.

As the dream only seemingly lasted for seconds, I did not notice any other detail about the crisply pressed military uniform 'as if new' other than being dark green seen from the rear. The actual shade is not easy to find.

Perhaps the uniform colour would indicate land connected. (while I did think of 'Germany' afterwards, though cannot say this is in any way connected) Perhaps  the heads off Germany already know what is really gong on too.

As I do not have any further information - I can only share what is revealed in dreams and, pray and seek what is written in the scriptures.

If discovery of these heads is published in the news media, this provides only for validation that the dream was purposeful to show the truth.

Nothing more nothing less...

I cannot bring the dead back to life.

The dream location appeared to reveal the end of the road, or runway.  Just this alone, is highly symbolic, revealed with a very low and final ending. 

End times....the end of the road, perhaps this is time.

There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide any more.

Still do not be quick to accuse anyone when death is reported - but ask yourself, why did this happen? What is the real reason for all the killing?

We really do not know and there is no law to prevent the media from lying. Not everyone knows that but hopefully in reading this, now you do too!

A film has been released in recent years 'The Season of The Witch'. The demonic possessed woman was dressed in green, 'imperial green'.

She was taken away to be exorcised...

Neither can we ignore demonic possession nor someone might have made a deal with the devil for power...The book of Revelation writes of a woman doing magic spells who sits as a queen and says to herself she will never be a widow.

We do not know who is who...but when the people reject God and His Holy Law they can easily be ruled over by those who defy God and His law too.

The scriptures identify God forbids killing. One of the Ten Commandments given, is written not to Kill. A Command is an instruction, an Order. Yet few people even consider these commandments also apply to the monarchs too.

Also the message is clearly revealed in scripture ' Not by power, nor by might - but by my Spirit....' .Even this is open to interpretation too.

The forces of darkness are at work in this time.

The police cannot protect the people, neither can armies from the demonic. They can easily become possessed and that most people do not know.

The silencing of the truth by the church ministers, is not protecting the people. Very easily can Satan sit on the throne and rule over people. The preserving of territories and gaining possession by military occupation is unholy.

The BATH..Victorian style it appeared to be. What happened in Victoria's time? I was told by one of the Queen's protection officers, at one time Queen Victoria had 3/4 of the world in her possession. How did that take place?

Victoria was also given the title Empress of India.

Empress - IMPERIAL...Empire.

Vladimir Putin warned of 'Imperial Ambitions' and a war taking place that the West are  clueless about.  This warning was not ignored...

According to an old article published in the Daily Mail (with now journalists over promoting the British royals - but hey, there is also some readable news - even if reading between the lines, sometimes more is revealed too.

Before closing I just found an article that is titled:

'How the Nazis slaughtered 16,000 people by guillotine. Found in a Munich cellar, the death machine that reveals a forgotten horror'

It is written in the article: 'On October 1936, acting on the advice of his justice minister, Franz Gurtner, Hitler decided that the guillotine should be Nazi Germany’s preferred method of execution. Twenty guillotines were secretly ordered — and distributed to prisons across the Reich.'
When a deal is made with the devil for power, then already the person will be likely accept death will come. How many  millions of people killed for someone to gain power? How many millions of people killed to maintain power?

ISIS is at ease with killing people...why?
What is the real truth and who is ruling over who?

When there are billions of people take loyalty oaths and a structure of loyalty oaths with being subject one family - not God, there is concern. 

Shame, the gullible are as if under a hypnotic spell.

Monarch MIND CONTROL - SEE what is written!
Still the end of the road was shown...eventually all the beheading will stop and even though being reminded of the  return of Jesus Christ, not everyone waits for him in England. Not everyone understands why we are commanded to worship God alone. Not everyone wants to relinquish power and control. 
"You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me," Exodus20:5

iniquity: gross injustice : wickedness; a wicked act or thing

Now it has been revealed people in power in the past involved in Satanic Rituals - this is known by those involved today. How does this get revealed in away that prepares people to realise and understand what has gone on?


But what does this really mean?

One former soldier who said he was kicked out of the army, also told me he has killed and took his oath to GOD to serve QUEEN and Country..He was silenced when I stated 'God forbids killing'. I ask them all, 'Which Queen?'

There are a great many people involved in ritual killing in this timeline. Think about this, if well intended soldiers go to kill those who are said to be evil, are they not also willing to be partakers in mass human sacrifice too?

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10:28

Raise children with love and righteousness. Give them paints, pen and paper, a musical instrument, tools to build - not toy guns leading to weapons of war. Know that God has been made universally known for a reason.

How can mere mortals slay demon spirits? How can a human being be saved from demonic possession? These questions, God can answer, not me!


then watch yourself, that you do not forget the LORD who brought you from the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.  You shall fear only the LORD your God, and you shall worship him and swear by His name. "You shall not follow other gods, any of the gods of the peoples who surround you" (Deuteronomy 16:12;14)

We who belong to God might be Hated. That is not our problem. If we enter into direct battle with a perceived or unseen enemy, we will not win.

God is the creator of all that is seen and unseen. Sometimes when the problem is just to great - What greater helper to sort the problem, Lord God Almighty!

Good people wear uniforms. Not all people are good! Nobody just becomes a murderer without reason or cause. Murder is intentional.

There are those in history who part of their job involved killing masses of people in the  gas chambers. CONFESSION reveals all. Truth is vital to know.

Forgiveness belongs to God and yet, we are given the right to forgive. We are all sinners. The quest, with lust for power is a murderous path.

Jesus exposed Satan who offered the world to him!

Is the battle between the sex's over? No it seems yet another war has began in overdrive to mix up children's minds and confuse gender. When professionals justify this then we are hitting complex consequences to heal too.

The influence over us all is far greater than people realise.

Political agendas are not all with pure intentions.

Jesus came so that we may have LIFE!

Being a Christian is to belong to the entrusted care of the Holy One of Israel. If you love Jesus then you will not easily pick up a weapon and kill for those who hate him. Jesus  stated 'No one comes to the Father except by me'

Think about what this means. Everyone could renounce Satan now...everyone could give up their want and lust for power too. What arrogance to defy God but then again the ego can surely grow too. Who rules over God?

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Christopher Testimony: 7 dreams on coming WWIII

There are indicators in this dream series 7, being a very significant number.  that Christopher has been shown what he has seen - repeated for a reason.

Listening to the symbolism and dream scenarios revealed, we have already been warned scripturally or wars and rumours of wars. We have been forewarned what will take place and why this great battle will take place too.

'The beast rising up out of the sea' - came to mind at one point. 'Ten kings given power for a short time' too. 

'Groundhog Day' came to mind also...

Hog -keep or use all of (something) for oneself in an unfair or selfish way: 

This dream identifies USA - land grab taking place?

As it happens the dreams also have been given and also allowing time for preparing in the event of what can happen and the warning signs.

The video identifies death and resurrection.
These dreams warning of the times uncover symbolism to identify why this is all happening in these times. The antichrist is also long foretold.

A test is given to decide who Christopher belongs to. This is a test given to all of us and the choice we are given is a fee will choice to make too.

It is by no coincidence, in one dream Christopher is seeking Jesus Christ. In his soul searching - dreams are communicating to the soul, Christopher also sees the Light of the Lord shining brightly. God reveals accordingly in truth. 

So there is evident danger around with wars and killing too. Even with multiple people being killed and in different ways the enemy will attack people, even in dreams - yet the constant focus on God is revealed with this testimony.

It also cannot be ignored that the television is a powerful propaganda tool to manipulate the masses to any given agenda. Yet the messages communicated within our heart and soul in dreams with the Lord will also be with relevant detail to know what we are meant to know..

There are already heavily armed men in black in different lands. The enemy is very much at ease with lying to the people and also turning on the people. Many people are eager to be paid in jobs that even involve killing people.  If anyone takes an oath to this end, they must also suffer consequences.

Knowing who your soul belongs to is vital now.  If you belong to God and your body is killed, your body cannot be taken over by the demonic...

The Holy Spirit is given for a reason... Sometimes the Holy Spirit within reveals what is not Holy. The Holy Spirit warns, informs, reveals...what comes from God is validated in scriptures too. Revelation 13 is applicable in all this.

This video upload took place January 2017.

What also comes to mind in closing, is God changing his mind - for in wickedness punishment surely follows. I am not offering false hope just  reminding everyone that what is happening in our world and revealed, through the media, has not even began to touch on the evil that has been taking place and hidden.

Humanity is in mortal and spiritual danger. And if people ignore the warnings, warnings to repent from wickedness - what can we do...

In  history multitudes of Christians were killed. Did  they give up their faith - not at all, not even at the end. This is what people are instructed to do.

Stay strong in the Lord...The Lords Prayer is given too.

There are warnings written in the scriptures that people who have the testimony of Christ being killed...Christopher explains in his dream numerous ways he is facing being killed and not terrified. He lives to tell what was revealed.

All these wars are happening or a reason..

Physical warfare, spiritual warfare, just two of a few

The real battles are to win your soul...

Christopher knows who his soul belongs to.

This is a testimony of a young man being saved through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Being guided by the Spirit of Truth is sometimes revealing what is not so nice to face but this is what Christopher has demonstrated we must do.

The Holy Spirit dwells listen within and what is truth will be revealed to be true..what is preached as false doctrine will be shown to be so.

There are people stating they had dreams from the Lord - yet no mention of seeing the Lord within the dream. There are people saying they are prophets and have prophesy from the Lord...what is prophesy comes to pass.

Any message that comes from God is available to all people. Whether they take notice or not, that is an entirely different matter.

The indicator in this dream are the many different armies, ships, and military presence indicating this is not just one people, and the title I have used in this article is identifying exactly what was written on this video.

Recurring dreams are meant to be taken notice of. Christopher has written his dreams allowing him to share the warning messages as seen above.

The last dream identifies a PALACE..a large palace that RED, WHITE AND GOLD, and continues to explain 'looks like it was already built'. ....Christopher asks himself in  the dream, 'how did they build this already?'

and continues to answer his own question 'they secured it and build it, and had all this military forces in there - occupied the area'

Not knowing if this is actuality..yet the dream reveals. 

If people reject God they are ruled over by man. And when men and women lust for power - deals made with the devil might include millions of people killed too. Those who lust after power have no regard for any people..

Choose wisely who you give your loyalty to!

Divine Right to rule is given to Jesus Christ alone!


Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

New Law, 5 Years Jail Domestic Emotional Abuse

Seeing as there are abilities to spy inside households now, I wonder whether the earthly powers are ready to do a mass arrest. As there are women being traumatised and intimidated in their homes, there are many women today who are being financially exploited too (as there are men) but this is with a sinister mindset revealing a very iffy agenda -gaining power and control to exploit by oppression is a toxic relationship.

Being concerned about Domestic Abuse: this is a matter that cannot be ignored. This is not just about live in partnerships, couples who are married - it has been a long time coming to address with dangerous perpetrators of abuse.

Recently a lady telephoned feeling a little scared. After some fact finding and asking about her safety, I suggested she seriously listen within and also if the erratic male arrived as he threatened, to call the police. This she did.

The Daily Mail wrote since in this article:

'Prosecutors are determined to tackle the problem of perpetrators who trap their victims in a ‘living hell’ with repeated threats, humiliation and intimidation. Research has shown that 30 per cent of women – about five million – and 16 per cent of men, or 2.5million, experience domestic abuse during their lives.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said: ‘Controlling or coercive behaviour can limit victims’ basic human rights, such as their freedom of movement and their independence.

‘This behaviour can be incredibly harmful in an abusive relationship where one person holds more power than the other, even if on the face of it this behaviour might seem playful, innocuous or loving.

‘Victims can be frightened of the repercussions of not abiding by someone else’s rules. Often they fear that violence will be used against them, or suffer from extreme psychological and emotional abuse.'

Those who say 'they never did anything' because often witnesses of people who suspect or are told psychological abuse is taking place, there will often be flat denial in confronting or even shifting the blame on someone else. But when contronted with serious evidence, the abuser will twist and accuse of abuse...or any other tactic to silence the truth.

Perpetrators of abuse are no longer going to get away with this. There is a fine line with one off or anger, and intentional reactions because someone is not responsible for appropriately processing their feelings. If a male child watches his mother beaten by his father, when a child - he might copy this as an adult too. Even unintentionally. Intense therapy with real want to be healed becomes necessary to identify and heal root causes. Probably the system has all that sorted too.

While the media has promoted the war on terror overseas, there will have been many millions of women terrorised in their own homes by men who try convince they love them..

And there are many men who respect women and would never even think to say or do anything to hurt any woman.

Psychological, mental and emotional abuse is still abuse. Physical violence gives bruises. Psychological scars last longer.

Stay safe and never be silent if  you are scared.

Never be silenced if  you are abused or threatened with abuse - call someone. Call the emergency line of the police.. Do not take the law in your own hands.

Never EVER feel guilty to report someone who threatens or injures you. The lady who called me learned of her friend being murdered a few years ago. She was the last person  who was called...then the man called her.

Too intense to discuss in therapy...

Fortunately I trained as a therapist...helping unpaid.

Now if only the police protected  me...

They did not protect me from legal corruption either.

But hey...they cannot consider the consequences.

There are many incidences of concern - with financial exploitation and physical violence. A great number of women in spousal relationships even married  to lawyers and police, suffer in silence. Those soldiers  reliving the trauma of war, might inappropriately express their 'depression'. This is just a tip of one iceberg with people being financially exploited who are most vulnerable too.

Both men and women are being seriously physically abused. Many men tread on eggshells at home and are expressing fear of their spouses too.

Not all cases are domestic abuse, But unhealthy relationships are detectable. When there is not two way communication without feeling intimidated and inhibited - silences and sudden outbursts, throwing things...

No one should fear the police. The Police are supposed to be protecting people, not the royal family, THE PEOPLE...not the system, THE PEOPLE!

Many vulnerable people keep silent out of fear!

Many women stay with men who terrorise them.

Many people enter relationships for all the wrong reasons...few consider further down the line, a few years, or few life crises and pressures of life..

There is a dangerous mindset who are sadistically cruel and get their pleasure of hurting people - hurting behind closed doors, taunting, intimidating, threatening and even giving the silent treatment. Withdrawing finances, restricting and also controlling friendships, controlling leisure even television and social contacts, social outings, spying, invasion privacy, (carer male walking in bathroom when on  toilet or in the shower, aggressive outbursts, with niceness apologising - even dramatically begging on knees for forgiveness, these are signs that indicate something might not be right..Being over the top friendly and charming, while putting the spouse, partner down or saying someone is just a friend, when they beleive there is more to their relationship,.......perhaps they are used.

The police know a hell of a lot more that is going on.

As I was given the IMPERIAL TYPEWRITER  and LEATHER BRIEFCASE of a former Chief Superintendent of the Police - addressing these concerns verbally  and even in writing is not something that I shy back from.

There  was  a time the police did nothing...

Now there are AGENCIES who have an obligation to monitor and listen to  the most vulnerable people...and I KNOW information is on record too.

If  you suspect anyone is vulnerable and being exploited and especially being intimidated - a tactic to silence people, show you care and encourage THEM to speak without judgement. Appropriately empower them to get help. Anyone disabled, elderly and even deaf can speak alone to their doctor to get it on record. They might belong to an organisation that offers support.

A great many people are too scared to call the police..However, if you know of physical danger taking place, and hear this happening do not turn a deaf ear..if there is a commotion - call the police immediately. You might even save a life.

Perpetrators of abuse try pull the wool over the eyes of the police - but with every telephone call is logged,  names and details are taken.

Someone who gets away with beating a woman once, will more than likely do it again if not to the same person, someone else. Remember this!

If a drunk man will threaten to attack a woman who he does not have any relationship with or know personally, he is acting out something and one day might attack another women he does not know. Please remember this.

Many undisclosed murders take place every day in UK. Terrorists are often not foreigners from a different land and religion. Most are close to home!

If you fear consequences to report abuse, what danger do you put yourself in by staying  silent and doing nothing at all? And if someone has some anger issues - with threatening, overstepping actual boundaries, bursting into homes to attack anyone - especially a fail, weak or elderly person, something is amiss.


If you are threatened  with abuse, report it especially on your property. The one who threatens has no where to run and hide, if a neighbour and the police are called. Even if he disappears for a few hours. The sign of being frightened of the police can be 'changing' but if that same person threatened or attacked someone else and landed in court by pressing charges, he would have to face what he has done. This should never be a vendetta. The courts should not  be operating for profit but for addressing serious crimes like this for correction.

Someone who went too far with me one time - I called 999, a few years later  asking his wife to  get her husband to address another neighbour, regarding damage to shared property, she said 'he hates confrontation with anyone'. Now he appears to be a changed man...I hope so...I really do. 

The Global Healing need is multi-layered in Our World.

Addressing the root cause of the healing need...few can do! It takes courage to look back and take responsibility for making mistakes...

To repent sincerely is with lifelong change...

Sorry is a word far to easy to say.....

Many crocodile tears are shed without any remorse!

Stay safe...always stay safe.

Remember over reactive people have unresolved issues too. Those who calculate to use abuse and exploit, are often dependable on vulnerable 'victims's who as long as they remain  gullible, the monster can continue his wicked way.

There will come a time when there is zero tolerance  from police who are abusing too...something the police were too scared to address.

With all abuse, there has to be evidence.

If a child is being molested..the courts relying just one heresay and accusations, with even witness testimonies and  expert witnesses, these can be falsified.

With perjury and fraud in the court being a norm for decades here in England the loser pays the legal bill. There is no regard  for whose life is destroyed. The court did not care about my life or ability to thrive! They are obliged to correct their crimes yet refused. Know the law that protects you always.

Without evidence there is no case that can be heard.

Years ago I worked  with people often noticing bruises and asked about that. Visible bruises on face with cuts and grazes are most often than not from walking into a door..Multitudes of woman are living miserably.

One woman I met was cheery and I asked was there reason for her celebration. She replied 'Yes my husband is dead' , She said he gave her years of misery and he was also tight fisted with money too..He left a house paid for and plenty of money in the bank.' She was happy to be free from all that.

There are women wishing their abuser would die. With provocation and with living in fear, there are surely people who have tried to protect themselves - but this complex matter does not ignore the cause of death.

Years ago I was invited to work for an insurance company. One day a man wanted to take out an insurance policy for over a £million on his wife. Asking how much he earns, a small amount, I responded intuitively, 'Gosh, it seems she is worth more to you dead than alive' - the policy was not completed.

Foreseeing a huge potential problem of spousal murders with insurance claims. This is written openly as it is probably happening. The government were not interested to communicate years ago and be advised ethically about this and other concerns for to discuss precautions and the well being of people.

The English Court chose to silence this Counsellor.

It will be totally irresponsible to arrest and prosecute people with allegations of domestic abuse without evidence..There was a time when if a domestic abuser pierced the skin could the police forcibly remove someone from a home (that was not even theirs) as I was told. The law has changed now.

In other words someone might be stabbed and even killed before the police would remove the that time it could be too late!
  • Change is to the Serious Crime Bill and is called a 'landmark movement'
  • Now people can be prosecuted even if there is no physical harm done
  • Bad behaviour can include controlling a person's social media accounts
  • Five million women and 2.5 million men will suffer abuse in their lives
There is a prevailing sickness in society. Yet also there is much danger with  the women who have survived abuse, to become protectors; might become abusive too. And there are men who intentionally set out to protect women too....there are men who actually express disgust and hatred for abusive men. The last thing we want is a movement of vendetta and vengeance...

In all truth is: what is written in our heart and intention.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria